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List Description
Abl-commits Commits
Abs-soft-common-commits Commits
Abv-commits Envois
Acdap2p-commits Commits
Acs-deducteam [no description available]
Adage-commits Svn commits
Adage-users General user level questions
Adn-commits Envois
Adprivacy-admin [no description available]
Adsprivacy-commits Commits
Adt-brs-common-commit svn commit
Ae-hpc-commits Envois
Aero77mbodies-f95user_list users questions
Aerosol-p-commits Envois
Aioli-commits cvs commits
Aironum-commits Commits
Algocsbschool-commits Commits
Alieneuratech-commits Commits
Aligne-commits cvs commits
Allegro-nancy-commits Commits
Alt-ergo-users Liste de diffusion pour les utilisateurs d'Alt-Ergo
Amada-announce [no description available]
Amada-users [no description available]
Amebio-commits Envois
Amybiatools-commits Commits
Andrea-papers-commits Commits
Aneurysm-commits cvs commits
Anf2cnf-commits cvs commits
Anisvn-beta-users [no description available]
Anr-bioinspired-all-members Mailing list for all the people involved in the ANR
Anr-connect-commits Envois
Antisparse-commits Envois
Aoste-commits Commits
Aosteincubation-commits SVN Commits of AosteIncubation Gforge project
Application-commits Commit mailing list
Apron-commits cvs commits
Apron-help No question about APRON is ever wrong on this list !
Arc2010-commits Commits
Arcade-commits Commits
Arosdyn-global Tous les participants à Arosdyn
Asap-commits cvs commits
Asclepiospublic-commits Commits
Ascq-me-help Help for ASCQ_ME user
Ascq-me-users List for the users of ASCQ_ME
Asl-commits Commits
Assumption-discuss Discussion on the article
Aster-commits cvs commits
Aster-info mailing list for ASTER public informations
Asvegetation-commits Commits
Atcassis-commits Envois
Atgpaper-commits Envois
Athena-commits cvs commits
Atlantic-zoos-commits cvs commits
Atwueda-commits cvs commits
Audioseg-commits cvs commits
Audioseg-user Users of AudioSeg can share and post there
Autonomie-commits Envois
Avisogenies-admin Administrate avisogenies
Avisogenies-commits Envois
Avisogenies-devel Avisogenies devel discussion
Awed-development AWED's development mailing list
Axel-commits svn commits
Axel-develop A list for developers to exchange ideas
Axel-discussion A list for users to ask questions, features etc.
Bablib-commits cvs commits
Baneto-commits cvs commits
Barra-commits All commits to the source code repository
Barra-devel Barra developer discussion list
Bastri-commits cvs commits
Bckfwd-commits Commits
Bcp-links [no description available]
Bcp-magnet [no description available]
Bcp-nona-epi to manage non a creation
Beaconsched-commits Commits
Bedibe-commits Envois
Belenios-discuss Discussion list for Belenios
Bernstein-commits Envois
Bgthesis-commits Envois
Bib2hal-commits cvs commits
Bib2hal-discuss Discussions au sujet de bib2hal
Bib2html-commits cvs commits
BibAdmin-commits cvs commits
Bibadmin-releases BibAdmin new releases
Bibphp-commits cvs commits
Bidule-commits Envois
Bigdft-starpu-commits Envois
Bincert-commits Commits
Binding-patches-commits Commits
Biomaj-users discussions about biomaj's usages
Biomanycores-commits cvs commits
Biopi-lille-ros-james-pi-imp [no description available]
Bioscaphe-commits Envois
Bioside-commits cvs commits
Bir-validator-devel [no description available]
Bjeannet-commits cvs commits
Bkz-paper-commits Envois
Blast2network2-commits Commits
Blobseer-Commits cvs commits
Blobseer-development Use this list to follow/discuss issues about the BlobSeer development
Blobseer-users Follow news about BlobSeer and discuss issues
Bloc-admin [no description available]
Bloc-commits Commits
Bocop-commits [no description available]
Bonfire-api-commits Envois
Bonfire-deliv-commits Commits
bonfire-dev-bugs Subscribe to this list if you want to receive bug notifications
Bonfire-dev-commits Envois
Bookchapter-commits Envois
Botsinc-catala a mailing-list for the catalan botsincers
Botsinc-deutsch a mailing-list for german botsincers
Botsinc-english a mailing-list for english botsincers
Botsinc-francais a mailing-list for french botsincers
Bpm-commits Commits
Brain-matcher-commits cvs commits
Brainvis-commits Commits
Broodai-commits Commits
Btnat-commits cvs commits
Btpriv-commits Commits
Buildmaster-commits cvs commits
Burfiks-users Discussion about Burfiks
Cado-nfs-ci-reports Continuous Integration: build reports
Cado-nfs-commits cvs commits
Cado-nfs-discuss A discussion list for Cado-NFS
Cado-test Test
Cagobib-commits Envois
Cairn-public-commits Commits
Cairn-public-jnimap [no description available]
Calculvisu-commits Envois
Calico-commits cvs commits
Calico-users Public mailing list for users of CALICO
Camelis-commits Envois
Cameracalib-commits Commits
Camlget-commits cvs commits
Canadafrance-commits Commits
Caprngtools-commits Commits
Capteurs-commits Envois
Cardiobook-commits Envois
Cardioviz3d-commits svn commits
Cardioviz3d-users A mailing list for CardioViz3D users, to post questions, ideas, remarks...
Cargeo6-commits Envois
Carottage-commits cvs commits
Cassis-commits Envois
Ccannot-commits Commits
Cccbip-commits Commits
Ccnmodels-commits Commits
Ccrunch-commits [no description available]
Cellulose-commits Envois
Cemracs2015-admin La liste des organisateurs
Cepromi-commits cvs commits
Certicrypt-discussion Discussion about CertiCrypt and EasyCrypt
Cfmd-commits cvs commits
Cfs-signature-commits [no description available]
Cgal-bindings-commits Envois
Cgal-ipelets-commits cvs commits
Cgal-ipelets-users discuss about cgal-ipelets
cgal-python-commits cvs commits
cgal-python-develop CGAL-Python developers discussion list
Cgal-python-users User discussion on CGAL-Python
Cgalreconstr-commits [no description available]
cglab-commits cvs commits
cglab-users User mailing-list of CGLAB
Cha-commits Commits
Chaireoptim-commits Commits
Chaslim-devel [no description available]
Chasuble-commits Commits
Chef-one-commits Commits
Chemostat-commits Commits
Chorfan-commits Commits to ChorFAN project
Cigri-commits cvs commits
Cigri-devel Cigri developpers
Cime-club Cime users mailing list
Ciment-commits cvs commits
Ciment-support Support mailing list for the CIMENT project
Circe-commits cvs commits
Clearvue-chat [no description available]
Climedev-devel Developpement discussions.
Cliterative-commits Commits
Clones-commits Commits
Clothoid-commits Commits
Clouds-devel Listing with developers of the Clouds@home project
Clp2zinc-commits Commits on CLP2Zinc
Cmaketools-commits Commits
Cme-discuss Discussions around CM
Cmoninria-commits Commits
Coars-car-team CAR
Cocci-commits Commits
Coclico-commits Commits
Coclico-test test
Cocluster-commits Envois
Cocoev-commits cvs commits
Coevnetbuilder-commits Commits
Cognitive-commits Commits
Coinc-commits cvs commits
Collision-dec-bugs [no description available]
Color-commits cvs commits
Comdir-aladdin-commits Commits
Compascert-commits Commits
Compilation-commits Commits
Compilation-news [no description available]
Computemode-commits cvs commits
Computemode-devel For discussions related to the development of ComputeMode
Computemode-users For project announces and discussions related to the usage of ComputeMode
Concordant-commits Envois
Condor-commits Commits
Confacts-commits Commits
Confvlan-commits Commits
Conifer-commits Envois
Connbrain-commits Commits
Connector-commits Commits
Cons-distr-sys-consensus authors of the consensus paper
Contigviz-commits Commits
Contiki-senslab-commits Commits
Contractpapers-commits Envois
Contrail-commits Envois
Contraintes-commits Commits
Control-commits Envois
Control-ge-commits Commits
Convive-commits Envois
Convol-commits Commits
Convol-helpme Ask here if you have any question you may have when using the library.
Convol-suggestion Send here suggestion for the future of the library.
Coq-alea-lib-commits Envois
Coq-commits git commits
Coq-contribs-commits cvs commits
coqcert-commits Coq Cert commits
Coquelicot-commits Envois
Coqwmm-commits Commits
Coralie-commits Envois
Cordage-discuss Let's talk about CoRDAGe (or not)
Corral-commits cvs commits
Cortex-lab-contact The Contact mailing list for CorteXlab
Cortex-lab-register Registration mailing list.
Cortex-lab-users CorteXlab users public mailing list.
Cosinus-confinement Collaboration sur le confinement lagunaire
Cours-gl-commits Commits
Coverbaz-commits Envois
Crac-bugs A list for any problem with CRAC
Crac-commits Commits
Crac-gkarrays Tout ce qui concerne la structure indexant les reads dans crac
Crac-news A list for any news about CRAC
Cractools-website contact from website
Crocus-nc-k NC^k List
Crotal-discuss communication interne entre les membres du projet ANR CroTAL
Cryptominisat-devel CryptoMinisat Development
Cs2-commits messages de commit
Cubicle-commits Commits
Cudf-commits CUDF commit notifications
Cudf-devel libcudf development discussions
Cudf-spec CUDF specification discussions
Cult-commits cvs commits
Cult-devel CULT developers
Cult-users CULT users
Cvgraph-commits Commits
Cyberautomotive-commits Commits
Cybus-commits Envois
Cycabtk-announce Low traffic list for cycabtk related news
Cyclepaths-bugs To be informed of bugs being reported
Cyclepaths-commits Commits
Cyclepaths-devel Kissplice developers' list
Cyclepaths-feat-request To be informed of new feature requests
Cyclepaths-users Kissplice users' list
D2toast-commits Envois
Dacourse-commits Commits
Dagcollabvis-commits Commits
Dalia-info liste diffusion dalia
Damaris-commits Commits
Damaris-users Damaris Users Mailing List
Datacorrob-commits cvs commits
Datacorrob-support Tech support for dataCorrob project
Datalift-commits Commits
Daum-commits Envois
Dcconsumption-commits Envois
Ddg-commits cvs commits
Decentmonitor-commits Envois
Decentobs-commits Envois
Deformetrica-Help Mail to contact in case of problem or question
Dep2pict-commits cvs commits
Des4its-commits Envois concernant le simulateur événementiel type CATS
Descarwin-commits Commits
Descarwin-members Consortium Members
Dgbook-commits Commits
Dgp-public-commits cvs commits
Dgp-public-exxeditor Everything about exxEditor
Dgpsdk-commits Commits
Diagen-commits cvs commits
Diamant-members Members of diamant
Dicolearning-commits Commits
Diffcurvescacm-commits Envois
Difmat-commits [no description available]
Dimlsc-reals-commits Commits
Discretize4crf-commits Commits
Dispop-users Dispop project users
Distem-commits Commits
Distem-discuss Discussions about distem
Divadg-commits Commits
Diverse-private-commits List for commits
Divideco-commits Envois
Dj360-commits Commits
Dlps-commits Commits
Dnssm-commits Envois
Dockinggrid-members Docking@grid members list
Dogphobia-commits Commits
Doris-android-commits notification des push sur le git
Doris-android-developers [no description available]
Dose-devel Collaboration for developers of dose
Dose-discuss General discussion about the dose tools and library
Dpe-commits cvs commits
drmsim-news drmsim-news
drmsim-support drmsim-support
Dsllab-users Users' mailing list
Dspace-commits Commits
Dsystemj-commits Commits
Dtn-anto-commits Envois
Dtnnc-commits Commits
Dtube-commits Commits
Dyalog-commits cvs commits for DyALog
Dynaco-commits cvs commits
Dynaco-users for dynaco users to send feedback
Dynamicnetworks-commits Commits
Dyvi-commits Envois
E-cduce-commits cvs commits
E2t2-commits Commits
E2t2-devel-commit commits
E2t2-devel-commits commits (new)
E2t2-devel-test [no description available]
Easycrypt-club EasyCrypt discussion list
Ecaesarj-commits Commits
Ecg-chapter-commits Commits
Ecm-commits cvs commits
Ecm-discuss Public list to discuss issues related to GMP-ECM.
Ecmpr-commits Commits
Edges-jra1-commits cvs commits
Edges-jra1-members Members of EDGeS JRA1 work package
Edgi-commits Envois
Edil-commits Envois
Editioncalculus-commits Commits
Edos-cds-commits cvs commits
Effigenie-commits Commits
Ehtn-commits Commits
Eleve-commits Commits
Elliot-commits Commits
Emapse-commits cvs commits
Embal-request Any request addressed to developers
Embdevtools-commits Envois
Emoatmcdm-commits Envois
Enas-help EnaS support mailing list
Enstapolyma103-commits Envois
Entimid-commits Commits
Entropy-contact Contact Mailing List
Entropy-user Mailing list dedicated to users of Entropy
Enumore-members [no description available]
Enumore-steering [no description available]
Epsn-commits svn commits
Epsn-users [no description available]
Erratum-bft-authors Mailing list for the paper authors
Espad-diffusion [no description available]
Etherpad-commits Commits
Etherpad-infos [no description available]
Euheart-shared-commits Commits
Evoxs-commits cvs commits
Execo-commits Envois
Execo-devel [no description available]
Execo-users [no description available]
Expo-users Expo users mailing list
Expresschip-commits Envois
Expressivemaps-tache1 [no description available]
Expressivemaps-tache2 [no description available]
Expressivemaps-tache3 [no description available]
Expressivemaps-tache4 [no description available]
Expressivemaps-tache5 [no description available]
Expressivemaps-tous [no description available]
Extremes-help Help EXTREMES
Eztrace-commits EZTrace commits
Eztrace-devel Development mailing-list
F2fappl-commits Commits
Fabrica-tools-commits svn commits
Fabrica-tools-info Information about MyCF project
Fac-commits cvs commits
Fac-discuss This mailing list is used to discuss around FAC.
Faceanimation-commits Envois
Faf-commits [no description available]
Fail-commits cvs commits
Famous-commits Commits
Fas-commits Commits
Fchyzak-test-commits Commits
Fclib-commits Commits
Fdf-users Public mailing list for users of Fractal Deployment Framework
Fdsb-commits Commits
Feats-commits cvs commits
Featuregraph-commits [no description available]
Felisce-buildbot For Buildbot master and slaves administrators
Fff-commits Envois
Fi-privacy-discussions [no description available]
Fibreso-commits cvs commits
Fiesta-commits cvs commits
Fiware-commits Envois
Flashvideoconf-commits cvs commits
Flexbr-discuss for general topics rather than updates about commits
Flocq-commits cvs commits
Flopoco-commits cvs commits
Flow-sparse-commits Commits
Flowshop-commits cvs commits
Fluex-developers FluEx developers mailing list
Flumitools-commits Envois
Fluobt-contact [no description available]
Fluobt-devel [no description available]
Fluobt-users [no description available]
Fluor-internal-commits Commits
Fmmapi-devel [no description available]
Fmmavx-commit fmmavx commit info
Fmritreedecodin-commits Commits
Footballvis-commits Envois
Forestgomp-commits fgomp svn commits
Forestgomp-devel Discussions about ForestGOMP development
Form-cvssvn-commits Commits
Form-gforge-commits Commits
Formathdocs-commits Commits
Foveoos-commits Commits
Fr-timebank-commits Envois
Fraclab-commits cvs commits
Fraclab-users [no description available]
Frama-c-acsl-discuss General Discussion about the ACSL language
Frama-c-discuss Frama-C public discussion
Framebaseddyn-commits cvs commits
Framesig13-commits [no description available]
Francemexico-commits Envois
Freqta-commits Commits
Freshkiss3d-announce FreshKiss3d announces
Freshkiss3d-devel Discussion about freshkiss3d development
Freshkiss3d-user Discussion for freshkiss3d users
Frigidr-commits Commits
Fsn-commits Commits
Ft-syndex-commits Envois
Fta-admin Mailing list with admins of the Failure Trace Archive
Fta-users List for users of the Failure Trace Archive
Funogram-commits Commits
Fut-analysis-members discussion list of all members
Fuzzyland-commits Commits
Fvnano-biospring [no description available]
Fvnano-tous fvnano user list
Fwrtoolbox-commits cvs commits
G5k-campaign-commits Commits
G5k-campaign-devel Mailing list for g5k-campaign developers
Galibdist-commits Commits
Galogic-project Liste comprenant tous les membres du projet
Gappa-commits cvs commits
Gaspri-commits Envois
Gatb-core-support Support list for external requests
Gatb-pipeline-support Support list for external requests
Gatb-tools-support Support list for external requests
Gaya-commits Commits
Gdsfunctions-commits Envois
Gecos--devel-poly gecos-devel-polyedral
Gecos-announce [no description available]
Gecos-devel Mailing list related to Gecos development
Gecos-devel-mde [no description available]
Gecos-features [no description available]
Gecos-users [no description available]
Gemoc-commits Commits
Gems-commits GEMS commit
Geniwrapper-commits cvs commits
Geodes-commits Commits
geom-bib-discuss Discussion around the geom.bib project
Geonet-commits Envois
Geovanet-commits Commits
Gf2x-commits gf2x svn commits
Gf2x-discuss discussion on gf2x
Gforge-users-commits cvs commits
Gforge-users-discuss The list where users of InriaGforge can discuss
Gigavoxelsproj-commits Envois
Girgit-commits Commits
Gloopgraph-commits cvs commits
Gmp2014-commits SVN commit list
Gnby-commits Envois
Gnnbuilder-commits Commits
Gnsd-commits Commits
Gobbolino-commits Envois
Gog-commits cvs commits
Gom2n-commits Commits
Gose-commits cvs commits
Gossipeer-commits cvs commits
Gossipeer-user Discussions about GossiPeer use
Gprems-commits Commits
Grail-commits cvs commits
Graphdice-commits Commits
Graphite-commits cvs commits
Graphite-micromegas Graphite / MicroMegas
Graphviz-commits Commits
Green-net-users Participants of the Green-Net ARC
Grew-commits Envois
Grid4allsc-devel Grid4all Scheduling Service Developers' list
Grid5000-bod-commits Envois
Grid5000-code-commits cvs commits
Grid5000-code-devel Development discussions and support
Grimap-commits cvs commits
Grounding-commits cvs commits
Grt3d-commits Commits
Grudu-commits cvs commits
Grudu-devel Mailing list for the GRUDU developers
Grudu-users Mailing list for the GRUDU users
Gsi-tools-commits Commits
Gtensor-commits Commits
Gtg-commits Commits
Gtg-devel Development mailing-list
Gtlab-commits Commits
Gtt-commits cvs commits
Guda-commits cvs commits
Guide-interest General notification and discussion list
Gyroviz-discuss Discussions diverses
Hand2eyecalib-commits Commits
Hapticcomp-commits Commits
Hashdos-commits [no description available]
Hdnguyen-thesis-commits Commits
headeit-commits Commits in the headeit svn repository
Heptagon-developers [no description available]
Heptane-commits Commits
Hgossip-commits Commits
Hidinim-commits Envois
Hipercomtestbed-commits Envois
hips-devel Diffusion list between HIPS developers.
Hips-users To get help or submit a bug report
Hlcm-commits Commits on the hlcm repository
Hlcm-examples Commits on the hlcm examples repository
Hmesh-commits cvs commits
Hmule-commits Envois
Hnoc-commits Commits
Hocl-repo HOCL svn commits
Hocl-users The official HOCL users mailing list
Homade-commits Envois
Hot-commits Envois
Hots-commits Envois
Houches2012-commits Envois
House-manager-test Liste de tests
Hpac-commits Commits
Hppsimulations-commits Commits
Hubble-commits Commits
Human-aware-nav-commits Commits
Humavips-commits Envois
Hwshabal-commits Commits
Hyantes-commits cvs commits
Hyantes-developers Mailing list for the developers
Hydra-recipes-commits Envois
Hyperatlas-users Utilisateurs et testeurs de HyperAtlas
Hypernrj-list Hyper_NRJ list
Ibcrypto-osgi-commits cvs commits
Ibis-commits Commits
Iceberg-members Iceberg members
Iconlabex-commits Envois
icps-gc-publis-commits Commits
Ict-car-common All the partners involved in ITC-Car project
Icube-commits Envois
Iddl-commits cvs commits
Identifier-svncommits SVN commits
Idfix-bugtracker [no description available]
Idfix-commits Commits
Idfix-users A friendly place where any question is welcome
Ign-commits Commits
Ihredaction-commits Commits
Ilab-etipops-commits Commits
Imara-esprit-commits Commits
Imara-espritec-commits mailing list IMARA ESPRITec
Infra-songs--wp6 [no description available]
Infra-songs-commits Envois
Intelligo-commits Commits
Interterrain-commits Commits
Intuitive-machine La liste des membres fondateurs de Intuitive Machine
Inventaire-ral-commits Commits
Inversion-bc-commits Commits
Ipade-commits cvs commits
Ipchronos20011-commits Envois
Irisa-sct-commits Commits
Isicil-tous Communication générale vers tous les acteurs du projet
Isisparamestim-commits Envois
Isivr-commit [no description available]
Isivr-devel [no description available]
Isivr-users [no description available]
Isn-live-commits [no description available]
Isn-live-users [no description available]
Isn-profs La liste isn pour les profs
Istoa-commits cvs commits
Istoa-project Liste de discussion francophone autour d'
Itipy-commits Commits
Iziworkflow-commits cvs commits
Javacert-commits Commits
Javadistiller-bugtracking JavaDistiller Bug Tracking
Javadistiller-release JavaDistiller Release List
Javalib-commits cvs commits
Javascool-commits cvs commits
Javascool-contact email de contacts extérieur
Javascool-news [no description available]
Jfresnel-commits cvs commits
Jfresnel-devel Questions regarding the use of JFresnel
Jfsma2010-multi-commits Commits
JPerf-commits Commits notification mailing list
Jperf-users User mailing list for the JPerf library
Jrobot-commits Envois
Jsnoori-commits Envois
Jtrans-commits cvs commits
JuxMem-discuss Discussions about JuxMem
Kaapi-buildbot buildbot reports
Kaapi-commits subversion commits
Kaapi-dev-info Kaapi development list
Kadcrawler-commits Envois
Kadeploy-commits cvs commits
Kadeploy-devel [no description available]
Kadeploy-user [no description available]
Kadeploy3-commits cvs commits
Kadeploy3-devel [no description available]
Kadeploy3-staff [no description available]
Kadeploy3-users [no description available]
Kameleon-commits cvs commits
Kameleon-users Kameleon users mailing list: discussions, support, contribs,...
Kanycasting-commits Commits
Kastors-user [no description available]
Kavlan-commits Envois
Keraction-commits Envois
Kermeta-commits cvs commits
Kermeta-developers : Developers of Kermeta..
Kermeta-users : Users of KerMeta
Kernelchpt-commits Commits
Kerrighed-bugs Mailing list linked to the gforge bug tracker
Kerrighed-dart List linked to the DART test system
Kerrighed-kdfs-devel Development discussion around the kDFS system
Kesaco-commits Commits
Kevoree-commits Envois
Kgram-commits Commits
Kissplice-bugs To be informed of bugs being reported
Kissplice-commits To receive notifications about commits in the scm
Kissplice-feat-request To be informed about feature requests
Kissplice-users Kissplice users' list
Kmtk-commits Commits
Kneetrack-commits Envois
knem-announce knem announcements
knem-commits knem svn commits
knem-devel knem development
Kpassa-commits Commits
Ks1d-commits Commits
Lacl-commits Commits
Lada-commits Envois
Lara-perception-frontcam LaRA FrontCam-related discussion
Latex-utils-commits cvs commits
LaTeX-Utils-devel Discussions about LaTeX Utils (LaTeX Make, ...) development
LaTeX-Utils-users Discussions about LaTeX Utils (LaTeX Make, ...) use
Lccs-commits [no description available]
Learn-query-commits Envois
Leco-info [no description available]
Leopar-commits cvs commits
Lex-reader-commits cvs commits
Libmultiscale-users Mailing list for users of LibMultiScale
Libopt-public-commits cvs commits
Libopt-users Libopt users
Libpg-commits cvs commits
Libqi-commits svn commits
Librecours-commits cvs commits
Libsl-mini-commits Change history
Libtopology-bugs tracking libtopology bugs
Libtopology-commits libtopology svn commits
Libtopology-devel libtopology development
Lifeware-commits SVN commits
Limsee2-commits cvs commits
Lingwb-alpi Support for Alpage linguistic proccessing chain, Alpage software and alpi
Lingwb-commits cvs commits
Link-commits Pour les commits!
Links-apply [no description available]
Lise-anr-commits cvs commits
Lisfs-commits cvs commits
Llcmcpp-commits Commits
Localdl-commits Commits
Logdice-commits Commits
Logistic-commits Commits
Lognet-commits Commits
Logolexec-users Mailing list for Logol users
Loops-commits Commits
Loriapekee-commits Commits
Lpdt-commits cvs commits
Lse-chile To communicate with angel, andre, alex....
Lse-games a list to discuss games (to me migrated to agos)
Lse-survey to get contacted for the survey on integration
Ltuinria-commits Commits
Luarvm-commits cvs commits
M3p-developpers DSMW developpers
M3p-dsmw-users Mailing list for the users of DSMW
Madynes-commits cvs commits
Magicdistance-commits Commits
Magique3d-test test
Magnome-commits Commits
Magus-magus2 a list for magus2 developers
Maiasim-commits cvs commits
Malthy-info only publicly visible mailing list
Manband-users [no description available]
Mancoosi-tools-commits Commits
Manycorelabs-devel E-mail list to inform developpers
Maparole-commits Commits
Maphys-staff people working on maphys
Mapreduce-permanent [no description available]
Mapreduce-project-all [no description available]
Mapreduce-propal [no description available]
Mapreducews-commits Commits
Marelledocsgit-commits Commits
Margaux-core Core mailing list
Marte-commits cvs commits
Massergramain-commits Commits
Masterelec-commits Commits
Mathematools-commits cvs commits
Mathocean-draft_jcp [no description available]
Mathocean-proc_jsc proceeding JSC
Matsketching-commits Commits
Maven-repo-commits cvs commits
Mbogdanov-publ-commits Commits
Mceliece-ld-commits Envois
Mclv3-commits Envois
Mdfactory-commits Commits
Mdre-commits cvs commits
Mecscim-perm Permanent members in MecsciM
Medicalframewor-commits Commits
Medinria-announcement Announcements of new release of MedINRIA.
Medinria-users A list that users of MedINRIA can use to ask questions, post ideas or remarks.
Memo-logs [no description available]
Memo-seminaires [no description available]
Mep-project-commits Envois
Merkat-development Mailing list for developers.
Merkat-users Mailing list for users of Merkat
Meshmerge-commits Commits
Mesure-commits cvs commits
Metroflux-commits cvs commits
Mgkit-commits cvs commits
Mgmva-commits Commits
Mhdrviewer-commits cvs commits
Mhdrviewer-devel Mailing list for the developers of mhdrviewer
Midynet-commits Envois
Millefeuille-news Information sur la plateforme millefeuille
Millefeuille-webmaster Messages publics sur la plateforme Millefeuille
Minilars-commits Envois
mips-commits cvs commits
Mixmod-develop Développement de Mixmod
Mixmod-team [no description available]
Mixtcomp-commits commit list
Mkm-build Reception des messages de cruize control
Mkm-task Liste des taches à faire dans MKM
Mlgraphs-commits Commits
Mlpost-commits Commits
Mlxxxidl-commits cvs commits
Mmg3d-commits commit mailing list
Mmil-commits cvs commits
Mmx-commits cvs commits
Mmx-devel Development of mmx project
Mmx-report This list contains the result of a daily built of the svn release of mmx
Mobility2-commits Mobility 2.0 svn commits
Mobility2-t3.1 T3.1 mailing list
Mobitools-commits cvs commits
Modeol-commits Emailing commits
Modeol-everyone Tous les utilisateurs MODEOL
Modim-commits cvs commits
Modtn-commits Commits
Mogolight-commits Commits
Monika-commits cvs commits
Monolix-download Monolix Day - noreply
Monolix-noreply Monolix - noreply
Montjoie-commits cvs commits
Mopcom-i-info liste de diffusion du projet MOPCOM-I
Morse-commits Envois
Morse-commits-dev [no description available]
Movenplay-commits cvs commits
Mpa-genomics-commits [no description available]
Mpc-discuss Discussions around mpc
Mpc-walkgen-commits Envois
Mpcheck-commits cvs commits
Mpfi-commits cvs commits
Mpfi-users users mailing list (bug reports etc.)
Mpfr-commits svn commits
Mpfrcx-commits cvs commits
Mpfrpp-commits cvs commits
Mpi-vegas-commits commits
Mpicpl-commits cvs commits
Mpqs-commits cvs commits
Mptk-devel The list for developper discussions about MPTK
Msccompbio-book-commits Envois
Mtl-commits cvs commits
Mtpriv-commits Commits
Multicam-commits Commits
Multivm-commits Commits
Munin-commits Envois
Murge-commits cvs commits
Musicdata-commits Envois
Mutationtransfo-commits Commits
Mvaspike-commits cvs commits
Mvstudio-news what's new about mvStudio
Mw4soc2010-commits Envois
Mycloud-commits Commits
Mylibsvm-commits cvs commits
Mymed-commits Commits
Myreview-commits cvs commits
Myriads-commits Commits
Nancy-tag-commits cvs commits
Nathread-commits Commits
Nbody-commits cvs commits
Nca-commits Commits
Ncpriorites-commits Envois
Netlog-in-coq-commits Commits
Netwaves-commits cvs commits
Neurinfo-commits Commits
Neurocaml-commits cvs commits
Neuroimg-sparse-commits Envois
Nfsp-commits cvs commits
Nieve-commits Envois
Nit-support Support for the Nit project
Nlmeanandaggreg-commits Commits
Nmom-commits Envois
Nossi-tddft-users Users'
Nprsnakes-commits Commits
Nqueens-commits cvs commits
Num-isotoppaper-commits commit notifications
Num3sisvr-commits Envois
Numasis-idbull Utilisateurs de la machine idbull (Grenoble) du projet ANR NUMASIS
Numev-coupling-lacad [no description available]
Numserve-announce Release annouces
Numserve-discuss Discussion for users and developpers of numserve.
Oar-commits oar git commits
Oar-devel Talks about OAR development
Oar-users Announces and user discussions
Oargrid-commits cvs commits
Oargrid-devel OARGRID devel informations, suggestions
Obt-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-ildap-commits Commits
Ocaml-share-commits cvs commits
Ocamlcontract-commits Commits
Ocamlmex-commits cvs commits
ocelotl-users Ocelotl users
Officeconverter-commits cvs commits
Ola-commits cvs commits
Olias-commits Envois
Omiscid-info contact list for the Omiscid project
Ondomatic-commits Commits
Onemngr-commits Commits
Ontorefine-commits Commits
Ontotrix-commits Commits
Opal-commits cvs commits
Open-mx-announce Open-MX Announces
Open-mx-devel Open-MX development
Open-specmatch-commits cvs commits
Openalea-commits svn commits
Openalea-devlp Open discussion about development
Openalea-users Suggestions and discussion about OpenAlea
OpenEmbeDD-commits cvs commits
Openembedd-rep-commits cvs commits
Openembedd-using All questions and answers about installing and using OpenEmbeDD
Openembedd-website Every request and problem about the OpenEmbeDD Web site
openfec-commits Commits
Openfem-commits cvs commits
Openfluidbox-commits cvs commits
Opengve-commits cvs commits
Openmask-bugs avertissement sur une soumission de bug
Openmask4-bugs New bug submission ...
Openmask4-commits cvs commits
Openmeeg-commits svn commits
Openmeeg-info Sharing information on OpenMEEG
Opentoip-xmpp Liste de diffusion du service XMPP
OpenViBE-info important news for openvibe users
Openwp-apps-devel developpers ML
Operator-rkhs-commits Commits
Optim-chapter-commits Commits
Optim-store-commits Commits
Orccad-devel Orccad Developper discussion
Ork-commits Commits
Osa-commits cvs commits
Osa-devs A list for discussions between OSA devlopers and/or users
Oscarondebian-commits cvs commits
Osgiarchetypes-commits cvs commits
osgVR-commits Envois
Osn-commits Envois
Osn-dic-attack-commits Envois
Ott-commits Commits
Oxyss-commits Commits
P2012-commits list de commit
P2pedit-commits cvs commits
p2pmpi-devel Discussion about P2P-MPI development
p2pmpi-user Discussions about usage of P2P-MPI
P2ppriv-commits Commits
P99-commits Envois
Paco-commits cvs commits
Padico-commits svn commits
Painleve-commits [no description available]
Pairing-implem-commits Commits
Paje-commits cvs commits
Palabre-commits cvs commits
Palabre-devel Mailing-list for contributors to Palabre
Palabre-users Mailing-list for Palabre users
Palma-commits cvs commits
Pampa-p-commits Commits
Papeer-commits cvs commits
Paper1-commits [no description available]
Paradiseo-devel Developpers list
Paradiseo-help Liste aide generale ParadisEO
Paradiseo-users ParadisEO users
Parameter-commits Envois
Parconine-commits Commits
Parietal-public-commits cvs commits
Parietal-python-commits Commits
Paris-ra2007 Confection du RA 2007 de l'équipe PARIS
Partycollection-commits Envois
Passport-news news about the passport project
Pastel-commits cvs commits
Pastis-commits cvs commits
Pastix-users PaStiX users mailing list
Patate-info [no description available]
Pathtastic-commits Envois
Pcal2-0-commits cvs commits
Pcvt2d-commits Commits
Pda-commits cvs commits
Pda-contrib [no description available]
Peerple-commits cvs commits
Peerple-devel Discussions about Peerple development
Peerple-users Discussions about how to use Peerple
Peerunit-users Users
Penminlasso-commits Commits
Peoactiveexp-commits cvs commits
Peps-commits cvs commits
Pepsi-commits Commits
Peptides-members Peptides working group BioComputing/ProBiGem
Perecap-commits cvs commits
Perquam-commits Commits
Persee-commits Commits
Persist-commits list for commits
Petaflow-devel Technical discussions for the Petaflow project
Petaqcd-anim Animateurs du projet PetaQCD - PetaQCD project coordinators
Petaqcd-tous Tous les membres du projet PetaQCD - PetaQCD members
Pf-bioinfo-og-infos Liste de diffusion de la plate forme de Bioinformatique de la OUEST-genopole.
Pharo-association This mailing-list is the pharo user association mailing-list.
Pharo-bugtracker [no description available]
Pharo-compiler Developer List NewCompiler
Pharo-conf Pharo Conference Mailinglist
Pharo-coral about a scripting extension for pharo
Pharo-fuel The Fuel Project
Pharo-pharo-issues The Issue tracker sends emails here
Pharo-uiframeworks a mailing-list to collaborate on widgets and UI related improvements
Pharobooks-commits Commits
phasetexture-commits [no description available]
Phd-thesis-commits Envois
Phon-commits Commits
Php4drm-commits cvs commits
Physigrafix-commits Envois
Piccata-commits cvs commits
Pics-commits Envois
Picsougrid-announce Announcements regarding PicsouGrid
Picsougrid-devel PicsouGrid Developers list
Picsougrid-project PicsouGrid project discussion.
Pierreletouzey-commits Envois
Pilgrim-commits Commits
Piper-commits commit messages from the svn server
Piper-info piper general information
Pipol-sysadm Liste des administrateurs de la plateforme
Pir2-commits Commits
Pitufo-commits Envois
Plafrim-commits Commits
Plantscan3d-commits cvs commits
Plantscan3d-news News du projet PlantScan3D
Plastic-dvp-commits cvs commits
Plato-commits Envois
Plotalignment-commits Commits
Pm2-bugs Mailing bugs to track bugs
Pnl-commits svn commits
Podanalysis-commits Commits
Pof-commits Commits
Pog-commits Commits
Pointvortex-commits Commits
Poisson-discuss [no description available]
Politiques-commits Commits
Polka-commits Commits
Polychrony-users List for Polychrony users
Polynom-commits cvs commits
Polyphemus-announce Announcements
Polyphemus-help Support to users
Possiblepasts-commits Envois
Ppsimpl-users For the numerous users of ppsimpl
Pratiques-dev-commits Commits
Pratiques-dev-discuss [no description available]
Predim-commits Commits
Proactive-commits cvs commits
Proactive-reports Automatically generated reports
Probdb-commits Commits
Process-map-discuss Discussions
Projrom-commits Commits
Proland-info General mailing list about Proland.
Prolog-mali-commits cvs commits
Prolog-mali-devel Liste de diffusion de développement
Proof-manager-commits SVN commits
Prosecco-apply Applying for positions at PROSECCO
Prosecco-commits Commits
Prosecco-members All Members of Prosecco
Prosecco-parsec Paris security meet up group
Provereditor-commits cvs commits
Prpni-commits Commits
Psi-devel bugs et developpements
Psi-version Know when a new version is done !
Pstk-commits Commits
Ptiijava2matlab-commits cvs commits
Public-cvs-anon-commits cvs commits
Public-svn-anon-commits cvs commits
Public-svn-commits cvs commits
Pulsar-mde-commits Commits
Puppetg5k-commits Commits
Puppetmaster-devel For developers
Puppetmaster-users For users
Purfbias-commits Commits
Pwsrec-commits Commits
Pyext-discuss SWIG discussion
Pygmalion-commits Commits
Pygmalion-users PyGMAlion Users Mailing-List
Pyqglviewer-commits cvs commits
Pyqglviewer-devel Information on the development of PyQGLViewer
Pyqglviewer-users Discussion on the use of PyQGLViewer
Pysagg-commits Commits
Qc-codes-commits Commits
qgar-commits cvs commits
Qgar-news All public news about Qgar Software
Qgar-software Discussion and requests about Qgar Software
Qlinlll-commits Commits
Quail-commits Notifies commits to the QUAIL project
Qualipso-commits cvs commits
Qualipso-devel [no description available]
Qualipso-release [no description available]
Queen-commits Commits
Queen-speech Handle Speech Quality Evaluation and Estimation
Query-enum enumeration algorithms for XPath
Quixproc-apply Apply to Positions at QuiXProc project here
Quixproc-commits Envois
Quixproc-development discussion on implementation, code, and development
Quixproc-members QuixProc project members discussion list
Ra-bacchus-commits Commits
Ra-commands-commits Envois
Rainbow-commits cvs commits
Rantanplan-commits Envois
Rapids-admin [no description available]
Rapids-commits Commits
Rapids-work [no description available]
Raweb-commits cvs commits
Rcclv3-commits Envois
Rcila-commits Envois
Rclrepository-commits Commits
Rcm-commits Commits
Rcss-commits Envois
Rdmschool-commits cvs commits
Rdogs-commits Commits
Reactivhome-commits Commits
Real-time-fmri-commits Commits
Realizability-commits Commits
Realtimehand-commits Commits
Rec-commits cvs commits
Recbench-commits Envois
Recurban-commits Envois
Reflex-devel General list for technical discussion, user problems, suggestions...
Refnat-commits Commits
Remi-dsi-commits Commits
Remidsi-commits Envois
Remidsi-info [no description available]
Rgbd360-commits commits sur le projet rgbd360
Rho-commits cvs commits
Ribo-pythia-commits Envois
Riskrrt-commits Envois
Rllib-commits Commits
Rnafoldvsrfam-commits Envois
Robotique-caor-commits Commits pour la forge du CAOR (LaRA)
Robotiut-commits cvs commits
Romea-commits Commits
Romea-commits2 test
Romea-users liste des utilisateurs de la table romea
Romeo-sot-commits Envois
Romma-commits Commits
Romsagrif-commits svn commits
Romsagrif-users ROMS_AGRIF users mailing list
Rover-commits cvs commits
Rsa768-discuss Various discussions on the rsa768 project
Rsdev-releases Releases of RSCube
Rtboinc-chess-commits Commits
Rtcelog-commits Commits
Rtgen-commits Commits
Rtjit-commits Commits
Rv2013-info General information list for RV 2013
S2s-commits Commits
S3w-commits Commits
Sabsc-commits Envois
Sam-commits cvs commits
Samovar-commits Envois
Samson-chem-eth-commits cvs commits
Samson-modules-commits cvs commits
Sbqa-commits cvs commits
Scalab-commits Commits
Scalfmm-commits Commits
Scalfmm-public-support ScalFMM public list for support purpose.
Scalfmm-public-users ScalFmm Users Mailing List
Scesame-commits Envois
score-commits Envois
Scorelibrary-commits Commits
Scotch-announces News related to the Scotch software package
Scotch-commits cvs commits
Secsip-devel News and questions about secsip development
Secsip-users Announcements, questions abount secsip (not developement questions)
Secstore-commits Commits
Securedphpsetup-commits cvs commits
Sed-bdx-projets-commits Commits
Sed-bdx-test-commits Commits
Sed-ncy-commits Commits
Sed-sac-commits Commits
Segviz-commits Envois
Segviz-public-commits Envois
Selalib-commits Commits
Selalib-devel Liste des developpeurs SeLaLib
Selalib-pic-devel [no description available]
Selalib-users Liste des utilisateurs de SeLaLib
Selalib-work IRMA+IPP+LJLL
Semagramme-commits Envois
Semtag-commits cvs commits
Sensedeleg-commits Commits
Senslab-info General information
Senstools-support Public mailing list for user support.
Sensvisualiser-commits Commits
Sequel-commits cvs commits
Sequel-freglib freglib: support list
Sesi-tools-commits Envois
Sgvisual-commits Envois
Shelddon-commits Commits
Shiva-commits Commits
Siconos-users Siconos users discussion list
Sigmalenses-commits cvs commits
Silhouette-max-updates les commits
Simanalyzer-commits Commits
Simba-commits Envois
Simgrid-builds Results of the automatic builds
Simgrid-commits git commits
Simgrid-devel Discussions about SimGrid development
Simgrid-user Discussions about SimGrid use
Simgrid-user-days [no description available]
Simsoc-talk Developers Mailing List
Simulateurospf-commits Envois
Simviz-commits Envois
Single-commits Commits
Sintaks-commits cvs commits
Sintaks-users users of Sintaks (news and help about Sintaks)
Sip-dataset-commits Commits
Sirene-commits cvs commits
Sirocco-commits cvs commits
Sketchmodeling-commits [no description available]
Sketchmodeling-devel [no description available]
Sla-commits cvs commits
Slideotracker-commits Commits
Slimmer-commits svn commits
Slimmer-devel Discussions related to development.
Slimmer-users Support for the users of our tools.
Smarteiffel-commits cvs commits
Smarttools-user users of SmartTools
Smews-commits cvs commits
Smir-commits Envois
Smsoa-commits cvs commits
Snap-commits commit emails
Snmf-fmns just curious
Snooze-commits Commits
SOCL-commits Commits
Sodiac-commits cvs commits
sodiac-discuss public sodiac discussions
Sofa-announce Important announcements (releases, publications). Not open to public posting.
Sofa-devel Developers list. For discussion of new features, code changes, meetings, etc.
Sofa-dt-commits Commits
Sofa-grenoble-commits Commits
Sofa-nova-commits Commits
Sofa-users For questions and discussions relating to the use of SOFA.
Sofafluid-commits Commits
Sohusim-commits Commits
Solipsis-tous Ensemble des partenaires
Sollya-bugreport [no description available]
Sollya-commits cvs commits
Sollya-devl Mailing list for discussing the development of Sollya
Sollya-users A list hosting discussions between Sollya users
Solstice-commits cvs commits
Somlib-commits cvs commits
Somlib-devel Developers mailing list
Spams-commits Commits
Sparql-rdf-commits cvs commits
Sparqlmm-commits cvs commits
Sparrow-commits Envois
Sparsemt-commits Commits
Sparta-commits Commits
Specmatch-news Major events on the code
Speedcam-project generale
Split-pvm-commits Commits
spoon-commits spoon commits
Spoon-discuss This mailing list is used to discuss around Spoon.
Spro-commits cvs commits
Squirrel-etudiants Liste des étudiants du projet
Srijan-discuss A Place for all Srijan-related discussions
Srng-commits [no description available]
Srng-wisec [no description available]
Ssfitting-commits Envois
Ssi-oscar-users Users discussions about SSI-OSCAR
St2010-mpoignet-commits Envois
Stage-commits cvs commits
Star-ips-commits commits
Starpu-announce Announcements concerning StarPU (low traffic)
Starpu-bordeaux [no description available]
Starpu-bugs Bug tracker
Starpu-builds Mailing list for Continuous Integration
Starpu-commits svn commits
Starpu-devel Developers list. For discussion of new features, code changes, etc.
Starpu-morse Discussions autour de l'integration de StarPU et de Morse
Starpu-text-commits Liste de diffusion pour les commits
Statgram-bugs Bug reports
Stativ-commits Envois
Std-interval-commits svn commits
Stereotoons-commits Envois
Streams-commits Commits
Structural-commits Commits
Submaillist-commits Envois
Sup-devel List for communicating among the SUP developpers.
Sup-users Discussion list for the users of SUP (how to configure, problems, etc.).
Superbox-commits [no description available]
Svmsched-commits Envois
Synapse-commits cvs commits
Syncfree-technical SyncFree general technical discussion
Syndex-git-commits Commits
t3devkit-commits cvs commits
t3devkit-user user mailing list for discussions and support requests
Tabareau-commits Envois
Tabinfereng-commits Commits
Takemat-commits cvs commits
Taktuk-news News about TakTuk
Taktuk-users Discussions about the usage of TakTuk and related tools (e.g. Kanif)
Tangent-complex-commits Commits
Tastytest-commits [no description available]
Taxi-commits cvs commits
Tefis-commits Envois
Tei-eclipse-commits cvs commits
Temporalsolver-commits cvs commits
Terranumerica-developers Développeurs du projet
Testableprops-commits Commits
Testsesi-test [no description available]
Texmex-infos [no description available]
Textdist-info Publicly visible contact list
Textech-commits Envois
Tgm-commits Commits
These-pierre-commits Commits
Theseimorel-commits Commits
Thrash2012-help ThRaSH'2012 alias for all problems
Ticc-commits cvs commits
Tileswap-commits Commits
Timecomp-commits Commits
Timefreqmeeg-commits Commits
Tiptop-commits Envois
Titaneacute3d-commits [no description available]
Tlaplus-commits cvs commits
Tlc-users TLC users list
Tmbfolding-commits Commits
Tmf-commits cvs commits
Toad-commit [no description available]
Tods-isabelle-commits Commits
Tom-research-test test list
Tom-tracker Tom Tracker
Tomusblobs-allmembers all members
Tomusblobs-commits [no description available]
Topic-segmenter-commits cvs commits
Topoplanvbridge-todo liste recevant les mises à jour de la section todo de la forge topoplan
Tpg-commits cvs commits
Tracenorm-commits Commits
Tracereg-commits Commits
Transalpyne-commits cvs commits
Transcendsos-commits Commits
Transduce-members transducer learning group
Transfomigratio-commits Commits
Transformation-commits cvs commits
Transformation-users Liste de diffusion du sous groupe Transformation du GDR GPL
Tranusgrenoble-commits Envois
Treematch-commits Commits
Treematch-users Users list.
Triva-commits commits
Triva-user the mailing list for triva's users
Trochoid-commits Commits
Ttk-commits cvs commits
Ubiprojects-commits Commits
Ufo-commits Commits
Underexpanded-commits Commits
Unix1-commits Envois
Upnupo-commits Commits
Urban-commit [no description available]
Uss-simgrid-members Liste de discussion des membres du projet
Vamp-commits cvs commits
Vampire-commits cvs commits
Vapor-commits Commits
Varyfsm-users All users of the VaryFSM project
Vcf-commit commits de vcf
Vddtoolkit-weekly Weekly reports on VDDToolkit
Vdta-commits Commits
Vep-users VEP users
Vera-ilya-commits Envois
Verdandi-commits cvs commits
Verdandi-help Support to users
Veridis-commits Commits
Verified-os-commits Commits
Verveinej-commits Commits
Verveinesharp-commits Commits for VerveineSharp
Vhz-contact [no description available]
Vialem-commits cvs commits
Videotraffic-commits send an email for each commit
Viewer-commits [no description available]
Viewer-devel [no description available]
Viewer-users [no description available]
Vigitermes-commits Commits
Vimagine-commits Commits
Vimit-commits cvs commits
Vip2p-cmts ViP2P commit list
Virthpc-commits Commits
Virtualacting-commits Envois
Visages-project-developpers Mailing list for VisAGeS projects developpers
Visidia-utilisateur Utilisateurs de visidia
Vison-commits cvs commits
Visp-commits svn commits
Visp-news News from ViSP activities
Visp-ros-commits Commits
Visp-users List for general questions, bug reports, or suggestions to improve ViSP
Vispbridge-commits Commits
Vispcameracalib-commits Commits
Visuvocab-developpers Developpers currently active on the project
Vit-commits Commits
Vitamins-info All vitamins related infos
Vite-users A list for users where the last news of ViTE will be published
Vizz-users Inform the vizz users on the dev status (release, version)
Vmhub-commits Commits
Vmkit2-commits Commits
Vmkit2-development VMKit2 Developers Mailing List
Vnat-contact Email adress for external contacts
Voipbot-commits cvs commits
Vplants-educ-commits cvs commits
Vplants-marsalt discussion and annoucement list on Mars Alt
Vs-landing-commits Envois
Vsup-devel List for communications among the vsip developers during transition to sup.
Vtk-smp-commits Commits
Vtkinria3d-users A list for any question, suggestion or remark of vtkINRIA3D users.
Vtksmp-info [no description available]
Vuesxml-commits Envois
Vvu-commits Commits
Warpibr-commits Commits
Wasp-public-commits Commits
Webdam-commits Envois
Webinar-commits Commits
Weblig-design Les intéressés par le design du site
Weblig-seminars Liste d'annonce des séminaires à relayer vers les personnes intéressées
Weightedmodal-commits Envois
Wellanalyzer-commits Envois
Wet666-commits [no description available]
Why-discuss General discussion about the Why platform
Why3-club The Why3 users mailing list
Wifibotlib-commits cvs commits
Wiki30-commits Commits
Windpos-commits windpos commits
Wings-commits Commits
Wormhole-commits Commits
Wrekavoc-user Discussions about Wrekavoc
Wsami-commits cvs commits
Wsim-users WSim users
Wsn-emulation-commits Envois
Wsn-sec-commits Envois
Wsnet-commits cvs commits
Wsnet-users wsnet users mailing list
Xionee-commits cvs commits
Xml-repair-commits Commits
Xml-transform-news [no description available]
Xmlqos-commits cvs commits
XPFlow-user XPFlow public mailing list
Xtreemos-announce Mailing list for XtreemOS announcements
Xtreemos-developers Mailing list for XtreemOS developers
Xtreemos-testbed-acc Mailing list for XtreemOS open-testbed accounts queries
Xtreemos-testbed-adm Mailing list for XtreemOS open-testbed administrators
Xtreemos-testbed-usr Mailing list for XtreemOS open-testbed users
Xtreemos-users Mailing list for XtreemOS users
Xtremweb-commits cvs commits
Xtremweb-devel XtremWeb developpers list (english)
Xtremweb-devel-fr Liste des développeurs de XtremWeb (français)
Xtremweb-user XtremWeb users list (english)
Xtremweb-user-fr Liste des utilisateurs de XtremWeb (français)
Yadg-commits cvs commits
Yalps-commits Commits
Yarta-commits Commits
Yarta-devs Mailing list for developers of yarta
Yglouche-commits Envois
Zebu-z2zproject mailing list dedicated for z2z
Zimbraadmin-commits Commits
Zion-commits Envois
Zuist-hal-general General discussion and questions about ZUIST-HAL

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