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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Ac-19-rev-eng-updates diffusion list of this project
Activework-commit Publication des commits
Adage-commits Svn commits
Adage-users General user level questions
Adprivacy-admin [no description available]
Adt-brs-common-commit svn commit
Adtextension-commits Notifies commits made for the project
Adtreesurvey-commits commit messages
Ae-hpc-commits Envois
Aero77mbodies-f95user_list users questions
Aerosol-p-devel List for developers discussions (and quick bug fix:-))
Aevol-bugs To be informed of bugs being reported
Aevol-contact Generic contact mail
Aevol-users General discussions about Aevol
Aggreg-workshop Aggreg Workshop, Inria Lille 2017
Aioli-commits cvs commits
Algsurfextract-commits envoi des commits
Alt-ergo-users Liste de diffusion pour les utilisateurs d'Alt-Ergo
Alta-commits Notifications of commits to the ALTA repository.
Alta-devel Development discussions of ALTA.
Amada-announce [no description available]
Amada-users [no description available]
Anf2cnf-commits cvs commits
Anisvn-beta-users [no description available]
Anr-bioinspired-all-members Mailing list for all the people involved in the ANR
Anrtecser-commits [no description available]
Antisparse-commits Envois
Apollo-bugs APOLLO Bugs
Apollo-framework APOLLO Mailing List
Apron-commits cvs commits
Apron-help No question about APRON is ever wrong on this list !
Arbo-commits [no description available]
Arcade-commits Commits
Arosdyn-global Tous les participants à Arosdyn
Asclepiospublic-commits Commits
Ascq-me-help Help for ASCQ_ME user
Ascq-me-users List for the users of ASCQ_ME
Assumption-discuss Discussion on the article
Aster-info mailing list for ASTER public informations
Atcassis-commits Envois
Athena-commits cvs commits
Atlantic-zoos-commits cvs commits
Atva2016-info public list for general ATVA 2016 information
Atwueda-commits cvs commits
Audioseg-commits cvs commits
Audioseg-user Users of AudioSeg can share and post there
Avci-commits Liste des commits
Avisogenies-devel Avisogenies devel discussion
Awed-development AWED's development mailing list
Axel-commits svn commits
Axel-develop A list for developers to exchange ideas
Axel-discussion A list for users to ask questions, features etc.
Bablib-commits cvs commits
Baneto-commits cvs commits
Barra-commits All commits to the source code repository
Barra-devel Barra developer discussion list
Bastri-commits cvs commits
Batsim-commits basim commits
Bcp-links [no description available]
Bcp-nona-epi to manage non a creation
Bedibe-commits Envois
Belenios-discuss Discussion list for Belenios
Belenios-publicserver Maintenance announces about the Belenios public server
Bib2hal-commits cvs commits
Bib2hal-discuss Discussions au sujet de bib2hal
Bib2html-commits cvs commits
BibAdmin-commits cvs commits
Bibadmin-releases BibAdmin new releases
Bibphp-commits cvs commits
Bio-computing-emilie Discussion around Emilie's PhD project
Biocham-commits git push notifications
Biomaj-users discussions about biomaj's usages
Biomanycores-commits cvs commits
Biopi-lille-ros-james-pi-imp [no description available]
Bioside-commits cvs commits
Bjeannet-commits cvs commits
Blobseer-Commits cvs commits
Blobseer-development Use this list to follow/discuss issues about the BlobSeer development
Blobseer-users Follow news about BlobSeer and discuss issues
Bloc-admin [no description available]
bonfire-dev-bugs Subscribe to this list if you want to receive bug notifications
Botsinc-catala a mailing-list for the catalan botsincers
Botsinc-deutsch a mailing-list for german botsincers
Botsinc-english a mailing-list for english botsincers
Botsinc-francais a mailing-list for french botsincers
Brain-matcher-commits cvs commits
Btnat-commits cvs commits
Buildmaster-commits cvs commits
Burfiks-users Discussion about Burfiks
Cado-nfs-ci-reports Continuous Integration: build reports
Cado-nfs-commits cvs commits
Cado-nfs-discuss A discussion list for Cado-NFS
Cado-test Test
Cagobib-commits Envois
Calico-commits cvs commits
Calico-users Public mailing list for users of CALICO
Camelis-commits Envois
Cameracalib-commits Commits
Camlget-commits cvs commits
Cardioviz3d-users A mailing list for CardioViz3D users, to post questions, ideas, remarks...
Cargeo6-commits Envois
Carottage-commits cvs commits
Cas-commits [no description available]
Cellulose-commits Envois
Cemracs2015-admin La liste des organisateurs
Cepromi-commits cvs commits
Certicrypt-discussion Discussion about CertiCrypt and EasyCrypt
Cfmd-commits cvs commits
Cfs-signature-commits [no description available]
Cgal-bindings-commits Envois
Cgal-ipelets-commits cvs commits
Cgal-ipelets-users discuss about cgal-ipelets
cgal-python-commits cvs commits
cgal-python-develop CGAL-Python developers discussion list
Cgal-python-users User discussion on CGAL-Python
Cgalsig2016-commits [no description available]
cglab-commits cvs commits
Chaireoptim-commits Commits
Chronos-dracula-users General discussions about Chronos
Chthese-commits commits
Cigri-commits cvs commits
Cigri-devel Cigri developpers
Cime-club Cime users mailing list
Ciment-support Support mailing list for the CIMENT project
Circe-commits cvs commits
Clearvue-chat [no description available]
Climedev-devel Developpement discussions.
Clones-commits Commits
Cloth-commits Liste de commits de cloth
Clothcontact-commits Liste de commits de cloth commit
Clothinversion-commits Liste de commits de clothinversion
Clouds-devel Listing with developers of the Clouds@home project
Clp2zinc-commits Commits on CLP2Zinc
Cmaketools-commits Commits
Cme-discuss Discussions around CM
Coars-car-team CAR
Coclico-commits Commits
Coclico-test test
Cocluster-commits Envois
Cocoev-commits cvs commits
Cognitive-commits Commits
Coinc-commits cvs commits
Colensui-commits Commit mailing list
Collision-dec-bugs [no description available]
Colmet-commits [no description available]
Color-commits cvs commits
Colorbifurcate-contributors Contributors to the paper
Compascert-commits Commits
compass-contact [no description available]
Compilation-commits Commits
Computemode-devel For discussions related to the development of ComputeMode
Computemode-users For project announces and discussions related to the usage of ComputeMode
Concurrentdel-commits to see updates
Condor-commits Commits
Conifer-commits Envois
Contiki-senslab-commits Commits
Control-commits Envois
Convol-commits Commits
Convol-helpme Ask here if you have any question you may have when using the library.
Convol-suggestion Send here suggestion for the future of the library.
Coq-alea-lib-commits Envois
Coq-commits git commits
Coq-contribs-commits cvs commits
Coquelicot-commits Envois
Coquelicot-friends Mailing-list for the users of the Coquelicot library
Coqwmm-commits Commits
Coralie-commits Envois
Cordage-discuss Let's talk about CoRDAGe (or not)
Corral-commits cvs commits
Cortex-lab-contact The Contact mailing list for CorteXlab
Cortex-lab-register Registration mailing list.
Cortex-lab-users CorteXlab users public mailing list.
Cosinus-confinement Collaboration sur le confinement lagunaire
Coxeter-commits Track commits in Coxeter SVN
Crac-bugs A list for any problem with CRAC
Crac-gkarrays Tout ce qui concerne la structure indexant les reads dans crac
Crac-news A list for any news about CRAC
Cractools-website contact from website
croco-toolscommits Commits for CROCO_TOOLS
croco-users CROCO Users
Crocus-nc-k NC^k List
Crotal-discuss communication interne entre les membres du projet ANR CroTAL
Csrandomp-commits Envoyer une notifications par email des commits
Cudf-commits CUDF commit notifications
Cudf-devel libcudf development discussions
Cudf-spec CUDF specification discussions
Cult-commits cvs commits
Cult-devel CULT developers
Cult-users CULT users
Cyberautomotive-commits Commits
Cyclepaths-bugs To be informed of bugs being reported
Cyclepaths-devel Kissplice developers' list
Cyclepaths-feat-request To be informed of new feature requests
Cyclepaths-users Kissplice users' list
Dalia-info liste diffusion dalia
Damaris-users Damaris Users Mailing List
Datacorrob-commits cvs commits
Datacorrob-support Tech support for dataCorrob project
Datalift-commits Commits
Decentmonitor-commits Envois
Deepcc-commits send email for each commit of the project deepcc
Deformetrica-Help Mail to contact in case of problem or question
Dep2pict-commits cvs commits
Descarwin-commits Commits
Descarwin-members Consortium Members
Dgp-public-commits cvs commits
Dgp-public-exxeditor Everything about exxEditor
Dhs-2017 Public mailing list for DHS 2017
Dhs-2018 Public mailing list for DHS 2018
Dhs-2019 Public mailing list for DHS 2019
Dhs-info Public mailing list for DHS
Dimc-commits Mailing list for commits
Dinghy-commits commit notifications
Discretize4crf-commits Commits
Dispop-users Dispop project users
Distem-commits Commits
Distem-discuss Discussions about distem
Divideco-commits Envois
Dividend-board Conference call board
Dnssm-commits Envois
Dockinggrid-members Docking@grid members list
doootva-commits Commits mailing list (automatic)
doootva-devel Developers mailing list for DOoOtva
Doris-android-developers [no description available]
Dose-devel Collaboration for developers of dose
Dose-discuss General discussion about the dose tools and library
Dpe-commits cvs commits
drmsim-news drmsim-news
drmsim-support drmsim-support
Dsllab-users Users' mailing list
Dspace-commits Commits
Dsystemj-commits Commits
Dyalog-commits cvs commits for DyALog
Dynaco-commits cvs commits
Dynaco-users for dynaco users to send feedback
E-cduce-commits cvs commits
E2t2-devel-commit commits
E2t2-devel-test [no description available]
Easycrypt-club EasyCrypt discussion list
Ecaesarj-commits Commits
Ecm-commits cvs commits
Ecm-discuss Public list to discuss issues related to GMP-ECM.
Eco-conception--commits [no description available]
Edges-jra1-commits cvs commits
Edges-jra1-members Members of EDGeS JRA1 work package
Edos-cds-commits cvs commits
Elantools-commits Commits
Emapse-commits cvs commits
Embal-request Any request addressed to developers
Embdevtools-commits Envois
Entropy-contact Contact Mailing List
Entropy-user Mailing list dedicated to users of Entropy
Episplan-commits [no description available]
Epsn-commits svn commits
Epsn-users [no description available]
Erratum-bft-authors Mailing list for the paper authors
Espad-diffusion [no description available]
Etherpad-infos [no description available]
Evoxs-commits cvs commits
Execo-commits Envois
Execo-devel [no description available]
Execo-users [no description available]
Expo-users Expo users mailing list
Expressive-commits [no description available]
Extremes-help Help EXTREMES
Eztrace-commits EZTrace commits
Eztrace-devel Development mailing-list
Fabrica-tools-commits svn commits
Fabrica-tools-info Information about MyCF project
Fac-commits cvs commits
Fac-discuss This mailing list is used to discuss around FAC.
Faust-install Troubleshooting installation
Fclib-commits Commits
Fdf-users Public mailing list for users of Fractal Deployment Framework
Fdsb-commits Commits
Feats-commits cvs commits
Felisce-buildbot For Buildbot master and slaves administrators
Fff-commits Envois
Fi-privacy-discussions [no description available]
Fibreso-commits cvs commits
Fiesta-commits cvs commits
Fill3dprint-commits commit of filling 3d print
Flashvideoconf-commits cvs commits
Flatland-commits tells about commits
Flexbr-discuss for general topics rather than updates about commits
Flocq-commits cvs commits
Flopoco-commits cvs commits
Flowshop-commits cvs commits
Fluex-developers FluEx developers mailing list
Fluidsculpting-commits [no description available]
Fluobt-contact [no description available]
Fluobt-devel [no description available]
Fluobt-users [no description available]
Fmautomata-commits [no description available]
Fmmapi-devel [no description available]
Fmmavx-commit fmmavx commit info
Fogguru-commits [no description available]
Form-cvssvn-commits Commits
Form-gforge-commits Commits
Fr-timebank-commits Envois
Fraclab-commits cvs commits
Fraclab-users [no description available]
Fraise-commits [no description available]
Frama-c-discuss Frama-C public discussion
Freshkiss3d-announce FreshKiss3d announces
Freshkiss3d-devel Discussion about freshkiss3d development
Freshkiss3d-user Discussion for freshkiss3d users
Frigidr-commits Commits
Frs16cmsb-commits commit messages
fstar-club Public mailing list for the F* project
Ft-syndex-commits Envois
Fta-admin Mailing list with admins of the Failure Trace Archive
Fta-users List for users of the Failure Trace Archive
Fut-analysis-members discussion list of all members
Fvnano-tous fvnano user list
Fwrtoolbox-commits cvs commits
G5k-campaign-commits Commits
G5k-campaign-devel Mailing list for g5k-campaign developers
Galogic-project Liste comprenant tous les membres du projet
Gappa-commits cvs commits
Gatb-benchmark-commits only for commits
Gatb-core-support Support list for external requests
Gatb-pipeline-support Support list for external requests
Gatb-tools-support Support list for external requests
Gaya-commits Commits
Gecos-devel Mailing list related to Gecos development
Gecos-users [no description available]
Geniwrapper-commits cvs commits
Geogram-users mailing list for users of geogram
geom-bib-discuss Discussion around the geom.bib project
Getcps-info Public list for general GeTCPS information
Gf2x-commits gf2x svn commits
Gf2x-discuss discussion on gf2x
Gforge-users-commits cvs commits
Gforge-users-discuss The list where users of InriaGforge can discuss
Gigavoxelsdist-info General mailing list about GigaVoxels/GigaSpace
Gigavoxelsproj-commits Envois
Gloopgraph-commits cvs commits
Gobbolino-commits Envois
Gog-commits cvs commits
Gom2n-commits Commits
Gose-commits cvs commits
Gossipeer-commits cvs commits
Gossipeer-user Discussions about GossiPeer use
Gpath-amine Discussion group for amine traineeship(Stage)
Grail-commits cvs commits
Graphdice-commits Commits
Graphite-micromegas Graphite / MicroMegas
Graphyz-commits Liste de commits
Grasp-commits GraSP Commits Mailing List
Gratin-info [no description available]
Green-net-users Participants of the Green-Net ARC
Grew-commits Envois
Grid4allsc-devel Grid4all Scheduling Service Developers' list
Grid5000-code-commits cvs commits
Grid5000-code-devel Development discussions and support
Grimap-commits cvs commits
Grounding-commits cvs commits
Grudu-commits cvs commits
Grudu-devel Mailing list for the GRUDU developers
Grudu-users Mailing list for the GRUDU users
Gsi-tools-commits Commits
Gtg-commits Commits
Gtg-devel Development mailing-list
Gtt-commits cvs commits
Guda-commits cvs commits
Gudhi-users mailing list for gudhi users
Guide-interest General notification and discussion list
Gyroviz-discuss Discussions diverses
Hacl-star-maintainers [no description available]
Hacspecis-members [no description available]
Hand2eyecalib-commits Commits
Heptagon-developers [no description available]
Hidyra-commits Envoyer par email une notification à chaque commit
hips-devel Diffusion list between HIPS developers.
Hips-users To get help or submit a bug report
Hlcm-examples Commits on the hlcm examples repository
Hmesh-commits cvs commits
Hmule-commits Envois
Hocl-repo HOCL svn commits
Hocl-users The official HOCL users mailing list
Hodin-blabla Blabla
Holide-commits Commits sur Holide
Hopfield-nonlin-members [no description available]
House-manager-test Liste de tests
Hubble-commits Commits
Huma-infos Liste d'information du projet HuMa
Hwshabal-commits Commits
Hyantes-commits cvs commits
Hyantes-developers Mailing list for the developers
Hydra-recipes-commits Envois
Hyperatlas-users Utilisateurs et testeurs de HyperAtlas
Hypernrj-list Hyper_NRJ list
Ibcrypto-osgi-commits cvs commits
Ibr-common-devel [no description available]
Ict-car-common All the partners involved in ITC-Car project
Icube-commits Envois
Identifier-svncommits SVN commits
Idfix-bugtracker [no description available]
Idfix-users A friendly place where any question is welcome
Immers-hist-commit Email the partners when a commit has been done
Immers-hist-mail Liste de diffusion du projet H2I
Impact-pc2018 Impact PC 2018
Interactivetheo-commits mailing list for commits
Intercomftv-commits send email for each commit of the project
Intercomgraph-commits nvoyer par email une notification à chaque commit
Intercomsen-tex-commits send email for each commit of the project
Intuitive-machine La liste des membres fondateurs de Intuitive Machine
Intwitness-commits Commit Mailing List
Ipade-commits cvs commits
Ipchronos20011-commits Envois
Irem-inria-general [no description available]
Isicil-tous Communication générale vers tous les acteurs du projet
Isivr-commit [no description available]
Isivr-devel [no description available]
Isivr-users [no description available]
Isn-live-commits [no description available]
Isn-live-users [no description available]
Isn-profs La liste isn pour les profs
Istoa-project Liste de discussion francophone autour d'
Itspatcoupl-commits Envoyer par email une notification à chaque commit
Javadistiller-bugtracking JavaDistiller Bug Tracking
Javadistiller-release JavaDistiller Release List
Javalib-commits cvs commits
Javascool-commits cvs commits
Javascool-contact email de contacts extérieur
Javascool-news [no description available]
Jfresnel-commits cvs commits
Jfresnel-devel Questions regarding the use of JFresnel
JPerf-commits Commits notification mailing list
Jperf-users User mailing list for the JPerf library
Jrobot-commits Envois
Jtrans-commits cvs commits
JuxMem-discuss Discussions about JuxMem
Kaapi-buildbot buildbot reports
Kaapi-commits subversion commits
Kaapi-dev-info Kaapi development list
Kadeploy-devel [no description available]
Kadeploy-user [no description available]
Kadeploy3-commits cvs commits
Kadeploy3-devel [no description available]
Kadeploy3-staff [no description available]
Kadeploy3-users [no description available]
Kameleon-commits cvs commits
Kameleon-users Kameleon users mailing list: discussions, support, contribs,...
Kermeta-commits cvs commits
Kermeta-developers : Developers of Kermeta..
Kermeta-users : Users of KerMeta
Kerrighed-bugs Mailing list linked to the gforge bug tracker
Kerrighed-dart List linked to the DART test system
Kerrighed-kdfs-devel Development discussion around the kDFS system
Kevoree-commits Envois
Kgram-commits Commits
Kissplice-bugs To be informed of bugs being reported
Kissplice-feat-request To be informed about feature requests
Kissplice-users Kissplice users' list
knem-announce knem announcements
knem-commits knem svn commits
knem-devel knem development
Lara-perception-frontcam LaRA FrontCam-related discussion
Latex-utils-commits cvs commits
LaTeX-Utils-devel Discussions about LaTeX Utils (LaTeX Make, ...) development
LaTeX-Utils-users Discussions about LaTeX Utils (LaTeX Make, ...) use
Leco-info [no description available]
Leopar-commits cvs commits
Lex-reader-commits cvs commits
Libmultiscale-users Mailing list for users of LibMultiScale
Libopt-public-commits cvs commits
Libopt-users Libopt users
Libpg-commits cvs commits
Librecours-commits cvs commits
Libsl-mini-commits Change history
Limsee2-commits cvs commits
Lingwb-alpi Support for Alpage linguistic proccessing chain, Alpage software and alpi
Lingwb-commits cvs commits
Lise-anr-commits cvs commits
Lisfs-commits cvs commits
Logistic-commits Commits
Logolexec-users Mailing list for Logol users
Lpdt-commits cvs commits
Luarvm-commits cvs commits
M3p-developpers DSMW developpers
M3p-dsmw-users Mailing list for the users of DSMW
Magique3d-test test
Magus-magus2 a list for magus2 developers
Maiasim-commits cvs commits
Mailman [no description available]
Malthy-info only publicly visible mailing list
Manband-users [no description available]
Mancoosi-tools-commits Commits
Manycorelabs-devel E-mail list to inform developpers
Maphys-staff people working on maphys
Mapreduce-permanent [no description available]
Mapreduce-project-all [no description available]
Mapreduce-propal [no description available]
Mapreducews-commits Commits
Margaux-core Core mailing list
Marte-commits cvs commits
Mathocean-draft_jcp [no description available]
Mathocean-proc_jsc proceeding JSC
matryoshka-devel Matryoshka developers
Maven-repo-commits cvs commits
Mdre-commits cvs commits
Mecscim-perm Permanent members in MecsciM
Medinria-announcement Announcements of new release of MedINRIA.
Medinria-users A list that users of MedINRIA can use to ask questions, post ideas or remarks.
Memo-seminaires [no description available]
Merkat-development Mailing list for developers.
Merkat-users Mailing list for users of Merkat
Mesure-commits cvs commits
Metroflux-commits cvs commits
Mfg-commits [no description available]
Mgkit-commits cvs commits
Mhdrviewer-commits cvs commits
Mhdrviewer-devel Mailing list for the developers of mhdrviewer
Millefeuille-news Information sur la plateforme millefeuille
Millefeuille-webmaster Messages publics sur la plateforme Millefeuille
Minilars-commits Envois
Mjc-inria-nat-commits Liste de diffusion de la Mission Jeunes Chercheurs
Mkm-build Reception des messages de cruize control
Mkm-task Liste des taches à faire dans MKM
Mlpost-commits Commits
Mlxxxidl-commits cvs commits
Mmg3d-commits commit mailing list
Mmil-commits cvs commits
Mmx-commits cvs commits
Mmx-devel Development of mmx project
Mmx-report This list contains the result of a daily built of the svn release of mmx
Mobility2-t3.1 T3.1 mailing list
Mobitools-commits cvs commits
Modeol-everyone Tous les utilisateurs MODEOL
Modim-commits cvs commits
moead-list MOEA/D public mailing-list
Monika-commits cvs commits
Monolix-download Monolix Day - noreply
Morse-commits-dev [no description available]
Morse-devel To share common practices and experiences on task-based solvers and runtimes
Movenplay-commits cvs commits
Mpc-walkgen-commits Envois
Mpcheck-commits cvs commits
Mpfi-commits cvs commits
Mpfi-users users mailing list (bug reports etc.)
Mpfr-commits svn commits
Mpfrcx-commits cvs commits
Mpfrpp-commits cvs commits
Mpi-topology-hsplit Mailing list for hsplit contributors
Mpqs-commits cvs commits
Mptk-devel The list for developper discussions about MPTK
Mtl-commits cvs commits
Munin-commits Envois
Murge-commits cvs commits
Musicdata-commits Envois
Mvstudio-news what's new about mvStudio
Mylibsvm-commits cvs commits
Mymed-commits Commits
Myreports-commits envoyer notification à chaque commit
Myreview-commits cvs commits
Nancy-tag-commits cvs commits
Nbody-commits cvs commits
Nbv-commits recevoir les notif
Netwaves-commits cvs commits
Neurocaml-commits cvs commits
Nfsp-commits cvs commits
Ngs-bioinfo-discussions Liste pour échanger concernant les aspects bioinfo du NGS
Nit-support Support for the Nit project
Nossi-tddft-users Users'
Nqueens-commits cvs commits
Numasis-idbull Utilisateurs de la machine idbull (Grenoble) du projet ANR NUMASIS
Numserve-announce Release annouces
Numserve-discuss Discussion for users and developpers of numserve.
Nunchaku-users Any discussion linked to nunchaku, for users and developers
Oargrid-commits cvs commits
Oargrid-devel OARGRID devel informations, suggestions
Obdaplanning-authors [no description available]
Obt-commits cvs commits
Ocaml-share-commits cvs commits
Ocamlmex-commits cvs commits
ocelotl-users Ocelotl users
Officeconverter-commits cvs commits
Ola-commits cvs commits
Omiscid-info contact list for the Omiscid project
Onemngr-commits Commits
Ontotrix-commits Commits
Opal-commits cvs commits
Open-mx-announce Open-MX Announces
Open-mx-devel Open-MX development
Openalea-commits svn commits
Openalea-devlp Open discussion about development
Openalea-users Suggestions and discussion about OpenAlea
OpenEmbeDD-commits cvs commits
Openembedd-rep-commits cvs commits
Openembedd-using All questions and answers about installing and using OpenEmbeDD
Openembedd-website Every request and problem about the OpenEmbeDD Web site
Openfem-commits cvs commits
Openfluidbox-commits cvs commits
Opengve-commits cvs commits
Openmask-bugs avertissement sur une soumission de bug
Openmask4-bugs New bug submission ...
Openmask4-commits cvs commits
Openmeeg-commits svn commits
Openmeeg-info Sharing information on OpenMEEG
Opentoip-xmpp Liste de diffusion du service XMPP
Openwp-apps-devel developpers ML
Oracles-commits for the commits trooper
Ork-commits Commits
Orwl-admin-commits ORWL admin and publications
Osa-commits cvs commits
Osa-devs A list for discussions between OSA devlopers and/or users
Oscarondebian-commits cvs commits
Osgiarchetypes-commits cvs commits
Ott-commits Commits
P2pedit-commits cvs commits
p2pmpi-devel Discussion about P2P-MPI development
p2pmpi-user Discussions about usage of P2P-MPI
P99-commits Envois
Paco-commits cvs commits
Padico-commits svn commits
Paje-commits cvs commits
Palabre-commits cvs commits
Palabre-devel Mailing-list for contributors to Palabre
Palabre-users Mailing-list for Palabre users
Palma-commits cvs commits
Papart-public public list for major features.
Papeer-commits cvs commits
Paradiseo-devel Developpers list
Paradiseo-help Liste aide generale ParadisEO
Paradiseo-users ParadisEO users
Parasumm-commits List which should get an e-mail for every push.
Parconine-commits Commits
Parietal-public-commits cvs commits
Paris-ra2007 Confection du RA 2007 de l'équipe PARIS
Passport-news news about the passport project
Pastel-commits cvs commits
Pastix-users PaStiX users mailing list
Patate-info [no description available]
Pcal2-0-commits cvs commits
Pda-commits cvs commits
Pda-contrib [no description available]
Peerple-commits cvs commits
Peerple-devel Discussions about Peerple development
Peerple-users Discussions about how to use Peerple
Peerunit-users Users
Peoactiveexp-commits cvs commits
Peps-commits cvs commits
Peptides-abstraction Abstract approach
Peptides-members Peptides working group BioComputing/ProBiGem
Perecap-commits cvs commits
Persobalance-admin Emails for everyone!
Petaflow-devel Technical discussions for the Petaflow project
Petaqcd-anim Animateurs du projet PetaQCD - PetaQCD project coordinators
Petaqcd-tous Tous les membres du projet PetaQCD - PetaQCD members
Pf-bioinfo-og-infos Liste de diffusion de la plate forme de Bioinformatique de la OUEST-genopole.
Pgc-admin Email when commit on progressive codec
Pgc-commits commits
Pharobooks-commits Commits
Pharotogo-discussion Pour parler de Pharo ...
Php4drm-commits cvs commits
Pic-commits [no description available]
Picsougrid-announce Announcements regarding PicsouGrid
Picsougrid-devel PicsouGrid Developers list
Picsougrid-project PicsouGrid project discussion.
Pilgrim-commits Commits
Piper-info piper general information
Pipol-sysadm Liste des administrateurs de la plateforme
Pitufo-commits Envois
Plantscan3d-commits cvs commits
Plasma-lab-news News about Plasma-Lab
Plastic-dvp-commits cvs commits
Pm2-bugs Mailing bugs to track bugs
Pnl-commits svn commits
Poisson-discuss [no description available]
Polychrony-users List for Polychrony users
Polyphemus-announce Announcements
Polyphemus-help Support to users
Ppsimpl-users For the numerous users of ppsimpl
Pqanr17-consortium [no description available]
Pranas-devel Developers
Pratiques-dev-discuss [no description available]
Prequel-pql-discuss questions and announcements related to prequel
Proactive-commits cvs commits
Proactive-reports Automatically generated reports
Probdb-commits Commits
Process-map-discuss Discussions
Proland-info General mailing list about Proland.
Prolog-mali-commits cvs commits
Prolog-mali-devel Liste de diffusion de développement
Proof-manager-commits SVN commits
Prosecco-apply Applying for positions at PROSECCO
Prosecco-parsec Paris security meet up group
Provereditor-commits cvs commits
Prpni-commits Commits
Psi-devel bugs et developpements
Psi-version Know when a new version is done !
Pstk-commits Commits
Ptiijava2matlab-commits cvs commits
Public-cvs-anon-commits cvs commits
Public-svn-anon-commits cvs commits
Puppetmaster-devel For developers
Puppetmaster-users For users
Pyext-discuss SWIG discussion
Pygmalion-users PyGMAlion Users Mailing-List
Pyqglviewer-commits cvs commits
Pyqglviewer-devel Information on the development of PyQGLViewer
Pyqglviewer-users Discussion on the use of PyQGLViewer
Qgar-news All public news about Qgar Software
Qgar-software Discussion and requests about Qgar Software
Qocb-modifs [no description available]
Qrg-lip6 Mailing list of the reading group on quantum algorithms
Qsci-chairs [no description available]
Qualipso-commits cvs commits
Qualipso-devel [no description available]
Qualipso-release [no description available]
Queen-speech Handle Speech Quality Evaluation and Estimation
Query-dm-members members of aggregate query and datamining cooperation
Query-enum enumeration algorithms for XPath
Quixproc-apply Apply to Positions at QuiXProc project here
Quixproc-development discussion on implementation, code, and development
Quixproc-members QuixProc project members discussion list
Rainbow-commits cvs commits
Ralip2019-commits notification des commit
Ramics18-info RAMICS18 general contact list
Ramics18-regist Address for RAMiCS (pre)registration
Rapids-admin [no description available]
Rapids-commits Commits
Rapids-work [no description available]
Raweb-commits cvs commits
Rclrepository-commits Commits
Rdmschool-commits cvs commits
ReaTK-devel Where ReaTK developers can complain about other's work
Reatk-users Where you can ask anything you want about using ReaTK
Rec-commits cvs commits
Reflex-devel General list for technical discussion, user problems, suggestions...
Remidsi-info [no description available]
Ribbon-commits Liste de commits
Rllib-commits Commits
Robotiut-commits cvs commits
Rolling-ribbon-commits Commits mailing list
Romeo-sot-commits Envois
Romsagrif-users ROMS_AGRIF users mailing list
Rover-commits cvs commits
Rsa768-discuss Various discussions on the rsa768 project
Rsdecoding-commits [no description available]
Rsdev-releases Releases of RSCube
Rtboinc-chess-commits Commits
Sam-commits cvs commits
Sbqa-commits cvs commits
Scalfmm-public-support ScalFMM public list for support purpose.
Scalfmm-public-users ScalFmm Users Mailing List
Scotch-announces News related to the Scotch software package
Scotch-commits cvs commits
Secps-listname [no description available]
Secsip-devel News and questions about secsip development
Secsip-users Announcements, questions abount secsip (not developement questions)
Securedphpsetup-commits cvs commits
Segviz-public-commits Envois
Selalib-devel Liste des developpeurs SeLaLib
Selalib-jorek List for people using also Jorek Django
Selalib-users Liste des utilisateurs de SeLaLib
Semagramme-commits Envois
Semseg-commits commit list
Senstools-support Public mailing list for user support.
Sgvisual-commits Envois
Siconos-users Siconos users discussion list
Sigmalenses-commits cvs commits
Silhouette-max-updates les commits
Simgrid-builds Results of the automatic builds
Simgrid-commits git commits
Simgrid-devel Discussions about SimGrid development
Simgrid-user Discussions about SimGrid use
Simsoc-talk Developers Mailing List
Simuscale-bugs To be informed of bugs being reported
Simuscale-contact Generic contact mail
Simuscale-users General discussions about SiMuScale
Sinkh-commits [no description available]
Sintaks-commits cvs commits
Sintaks-users users of Sintaks (news and help about Sintaks)
Sip-dataset-commits Commits
Sirene-commits cvs commits
Sirocco-commits cvs commits
Sketchmodeling-devel [no description available]
Sla-commits cvs commits
Slimmer-commits svn commits
Slimmer-devel Discussions related to development.
Slimmer-users Support for the users of our tools.
Smarteiffel-commits cvs commits
Smarttools-user users of SmartTools
Smsoa-commits cvs commits
Snmf-fmns just curious
SOCL-commits Commits
Soctrace-users Mailing list regarding SoC-Trace analysis tools.
Sodiac-commits cvs commits
sodiac-discuss public sodiac discussions
Sofa-devel DEPRECATED - Developers list. For discussion of new features, code changes, meetings, etc.
Sofa-users DEPRECATED - For questions and discussions relating to the use of SOFA.
Sofaqtquick-news [no description available]
Solipsis-tous Ensemble des partenaires
Sollya-bugreport [no description available]
Sollya-commits git commits
Sollya-devl Mailing list for discussing the development of Sollya
Sollya-users A list hosting discussions between Sollya users
Solstice-commits cvs commits
Somlib-commits cvs commits
Somlib-devel Developers mailing list
Sosweet-commits Git pushes notifications
Sparql-rdf-commits cvs commits
Specmatch-news Major events on the code
Spmmanager-commits [no description available]
spoon-commits spoon commits
Spro-commits cvs commits
Squirrel-etudiants Liste des étudiants du projet
Srijan-discuss A Place for all Srijan-related discussions
Ssi-oscar-users Users discussions about SSI-OSCAR
Stage-commits cvs commits
Stageremi-commits commits
Star-ips-commits commits
Statgram-bugs Bug reports
Std-interval-commits svn commits
Sup-devel List for communicating among the SUP developpers.
Sup-users Discussion list for the users of SUP (how to configure, problems, etc.).
Synapse-commits cvs commits
Syncfree-technical SyncFree general technical discussion
t3devkit-commits cvs commits
t3devkit-user user mailing list for discussions and support requests
Takemat-commits cvs commits
Taktuk-news News about TakTuk
Taktuk-users Discussions about the usage of TakTuk and related tools (e.g. Kanif)
Tefis-commits Envois
Tei-eclipse-commits cvs commits
Template-commits Commits
Terranumerica-developers Développeurs du projet
Testableprops-commits Commits
Testffproject-mail test mailing list admin
Testsesi-test [no description available]
Texmex-infos [no description available]
Textdist-info Publicly visible contact list
Thesewacheux-commits [no description available]
Thrash2012-help ThRaSH'2012 alias for all problems
Ticc-commits cvs commits
Tlaplus-commits cvs commits
TLAPlus-Users This is a discussion group for users of the TLA+ specification language.
Tlc-users TLC users list
Tlsweakciphers-team [no description available]
Tmf-commits cvs commits
Tods-isabelle-commits Commits
Tom-research-test test list
Tom-tracker Tom Tracker
Tomusblobs-allmembers all members
Topoplanvbridge-todo liste recevant les mises à jour de la section todo de la forge topoplan
Transcendsos-commits Commits
Transduce-members transducer learning group
Transformation-commits cvs commits
Transformation-users Liste de diffusion du sous groupe Transformation du GDR GPL
Tranusgrenoble-commits Envois
Treematch-commits Commits
Treematch-users Users list.
Triang-easy-commits Track commits on SVN
Triva-commits commits
Triva-user the mailing list for triva's users
Ttk-commits cvs commits
Ucc-awb-2017-students students and teachers
Ufo-commits Commits
Uhaina-common List of all project members
Unix1-commits Envois
Uqhd-commits Update commits
Urban-commit [no description available]
Uss-simgrid-members Liste de discussion des membres du projet
Validnum-logs Logs of commits
Vamp-commits cvs commits
Vcf-commit commits de vcf
Vddtoolkit-weekly Weekly reports on VDDToolkit
Vep-users VEP users
Verdandi-announce announces and versions
Verdandi-commits cvs commits
Verdandi-help Support to users
veriT-bugs veriT users can use this list to submit bugs to the developers
Verveinej-commits Commits
Verveinesharp-commits Commits for VerveineSharp
Vhz-contact [no description available]
Vialem-commits cvs commits
Viewer-devel [no description available]
Viewer-users [no description available]
Vimit-commits cvs commits
Vip2p-cmts ViP2P commit list
Virtualenaction-developers List to broadcast to virtualenaction developpers, committing in /release
Visages-project-developpers Mailing list for VisAGeS projects developpers
Visidia-utilisateur Utilisateurs de visidia
Vison-commits cvs commits
Visp-commits svn commits
Visp-news News from ViSP activities
Visp-ros-commits Commits
Visp-users List for general questions, bug reports, or suggestions to improve ViSP
Vispbridge-commits Commits
Vispcameracalib-commits Commits
Visuvocab-developpers Developpers currently active on the project
Vitamins-info All vitamins related infos
Vizz-users Inform the vizz users on the dev status (release, version)
Vnat-contact Email adress for external contacts
Voipbot-commits cvs commits
Vplants-educ-commits cvs commits
Vplants-marsalt discussion and annoucement list on Mars Alt
Vsup-devel List for communications among the vsip developers during transition to sup.
Vtkinria3d-users A list for any question, suggestion or remark of vtkINRIA3D users.
Webinar-commits Commits
Weblig-design Les intéressés par le design du site
Weblig-seminars Liste d'annonce des séminaires à relayer vers les personnes intéressées
Wellanalyzer-commits Envois
Why-discuss General discussion about the Why platform
Why3-club The Why3 users mailing list
Wifibotlib-commits cvs commits
Wiki30-commits Commits
Wings-commits Commits
Workspace-bmen [no description available]
Wrekavoc-user Discussions about Wrekavoc
Wsami-commits cvs commits
Wsim-users WSim users
Wsnet-commits cvs commits
Wsnet-users wsnet users mailing list
Xfor-programming XFOR mailing list
Xkblas-devel To contact XKBLAS developers
Xlifepp-bugs about bugs
Xlifepp-users XLiFE++ users mailing list
Xml-transform-news [no description available]
Xmlqos-commits cvs commits
XPFlow-user XPFlow public mailing list
Xtremweb-commits cvs commits
Xtremweb-devel XtremWeb developpers list (english)
Xtremweb-devel-fr Liste des développeurs de XtremWeb (français)
Xtremweb-user XtremWeb users list (english)
Xtremweb-user-fr Liste des utilisateurs de XtremWeb (français)
Yalps-commits Commits
Yalta-toolbox-users Mailing list to announce new versions
Yarta-commits Commits
Yarta-devs Mailing list for developers of yarta
Yglouche-commits Envois
Zebu-z2zproject mailing list dedicated for z2z
Zenon-develop Mailing list on Zenon development
Zion-commits Envois
Zuist-hal-general General discussion and questions about ZUIST-HAL

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