[Cado-nfs-discuss] cado-NFS problems on c105 and c100

Zimmermann Paul Paul.Zimmermann at loria.fr
Tue Jun 28 14:34:31 CEST 2011

       Dear Esmaeil,

> Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 12:55:40 +0430
> From: Esmaeil Siahlouey <esmtoday at gmail.com>
> Dear Zimmermann
> I have got two errors, again. One of them in factoring c105, and the
> other in c100.
> I send you anything that I think you need to solve the
> problem. meanwhile, I can do what I need to do and you should just
> guide me, if you don't have enough time to solve my problem.
> thanks a lot.
> bonne chance.

which version of CADO-NFS are you using? The 1.0 release or the svn version
(if so, which revision)?

For the c100, please can you type the last command from c100.cmd and
send us the complete output?

/home/simorgh/Data/EsM/install/newInstall_v2/manual/cado-nfs/trunk/linalg/bwc/bwc.pl :complete seed=1 thr=2x2 mpi=1x1 matrix=/home/simorgh/Data/EsM/tests/NFSATTACK/cado/FULL/100/c100.small.bin nullspace=left mm_impl=bucket interleaving=0 interval=1000 mn=64 splits=0,64 ys=0..64 wdir=/home/simorgh/Data/EsM/tests/NFSATTACK/cado/FULL/100/c100.bwc shuffled_product=1 bwc_bindir= /home/simorgh/Data/EsM/install/newInstall_v2/manual/cado-nfs/trunk/build/linux-9j1d//linalg/bwc

For the c105, do you have an idea why the job was stopped at 4000094?
Please can you define the CADO_DEBUG environment variable, try again
factoring the c105 (from scratch), and if the problem persists, the *.gz file
will be moved to *.gz.error, and please send me this file (with the *.poly

Paul Zimmermann

PS: please continue this discussion on the cado-nfs-discuss list, so that
other people can answer if I'm not available.

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