[Cado-nfs-discuss] CADO-NFS 2.0 released

Paul Leyland paul.leyland at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 11:42:19 CET 2013

Another gotcha that perhaps ought to be documented.

After some messing around with multiple invocations of cadofactor.py
various scripts started running.  Then

CRITICAL:root:Server certificate's SHA1 hash
(dee73f5124fee67152551306b9a67d701ca2087e) differs from hash specified
on command line (f74296c9eaf4cba71732839082110e252e0d258a). Aborting.

I had been clearing out the work directory between each run but had
failed to spot the download directory  8-(

Things seem to be working rather better now.  At least, polynomial
selection has begun.

Thought for today: security is that property of a system which prevents
bad things from happening; a common side-effect is that it prevents good
things from happening.


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