[Cado-nfs-discuss] Error during a factorization

Christophe Clavier christophe.clavier at unilim.fr
Wed Jul 2 13:16:47 CEST 2014

Dear all,

I experienced the following error during the first instance of 
"Filtering - Duplicate Removal" :

/Info:Filtering - Duplicate Removal, splitting pass: Starting//
//Info:Filtering - Duplicate Removal, splitting pass: Splitting 4533 new 
//Warning:Command: Process with PID 16308 finished with return code -6//
//Traceback (most recent call last)://
//  File "../../scripts/cadofactor/cadofactor.py", line 75, in <module>//
//    factors = factorjob.run()//
//  File 
"/home/clavip01/math/cado-nfs-2.0/scripts/cadofactor/cadotask.py", line 
3277, in run//
//    while self.run_next_task()://
//  File 
"/home/clavip01/math/cado-nfs-2.0/scripts/cadofactor/cadotask.py", line 
3337, in run_next_task//
//    return task.run()//
//  File 
"/home/clavip01/math/cado-nfs-2.0/scripts/cadofactor/cadotask.py", line 
1919, in run//
//    raise Exception("Program failed")//
//Exception: Program failed//
Any idea what could be the problem?



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