[Cado-nfs-discuss] Lingen solution not found

New Name soundcheck2014 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 18:59:00 CEST 2014

We've been using CADO-NFS to factor a large number (640 bit), finally
reached the lingen subphase of the Linear Algebra phase but we got an error
- "no solution found". Are there any known issues which could cause this?
Notable issues in our run so far:
- We're using the default c204 params file even though the number is a bit
smaller (196 digits) as there is no 196 digit param file.
- Are there any issues in lingen when lpbr>32 ? Should we have used non
default parameters?
- We had to resume the krylov sub phase a few times.
Any help would be wonderful,
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