[Cado-nfs-discuss] CADO-NFS 2.1.1 released

Alexander Kruppa alexander.kruppa at inria.fr
Fri Oct 17 11:49:22 CEST 2014

Dear users,

version 2.1.1 of CADO-NFS is now available at


This is a bug-fix release. Main changes between cado-nfs-2.1 and cado-nfs-2.1.1:

* Added test-case in wuclient2.py for buggy Python MIME encoder to prevent
  data corruption during file upload under future Python versions
* Bug fixes to multi-threading in linear algebra code
* fixed a bug in duplicate suppression, which might produce an error for
  some collisions corresponding to false duplicates
* fixed detection of minimal cmake version

There are no functional changes with respect to the release candidate; only the NEWS file and the version number were updated.

For assistance and bug reports, please post to this mailing list which does not require registration, but is moderated.

Best regards and happy factoring,
the CADO team

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