[Cado-nfs-discuss] getting rid of Y

Francois Morain morain at lix.polytechnique.fr
Mon Oct 20 12:50:50 CEST 2014

[apparently, I hit the wrong *discuss* mailing-list, sorry. I let
early responders to re-post their emails, too. Among this, a proposal
to have 'poly1=c0,c1, ...', which is ok with me.]

Hi folks,

I have always been embarrassed with the coding of the coefficients of
the polynomials in the .poly files. For now, it is

Y0: 23501753462
Y1: 17389930810
Y2: -9893995512
Y3: 1259659241
c0: 1
c1: 3
c2: 4
c3: -2
c4: 1

where it is quite hard to remember why there is a Y, a c or whatever,
if they relate to f or g or alg side or rat side.

Moreover, we are currently on the verge of using more than 2
polynomials, at least for DL computations.

Now that most of the code is symmetrical in f and g (rat and alg have
almost disappeared), I think it is about time we contemplated changing
this. What about:

c1,0: 23501753462
c1,1: 17389930810
c1,2: -9893995512
c1,3: 1259659241
c0,0: 1
c0,1: 3
c0,2: 4
c0,3: -2
c0,4: 1

I can imagine we could end up with
c23,0: ...

Of course, it is easy to support the previous format if we don't want
to change all the param files.

What do you think?



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