[Cado-nfs-discuss] Relation file computed but not sent back to the server

Christophe Clavier christophe.clavier at unilim.fr
Wed Dec 2 19:55:05 CET 2015


Let me describe what I would like to do in a current factorization:

When one of my clients finished its assigned workunit the connection 
with the server was off.
In this situation the client waits by polling until the connection is 
restored so that it can then send the relations file back to the server.
In my case the client has been killed (power off of the computer) during 
the pooling phase.
When I start a new client a new workunit is assigned but the already 
computed relation file is not retrieved by the server.
Is there any means to provide this relation file to the server? Maybe a 
manual hack with the workunit database?

Thank you for your insights.


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