[Cado-nfs-discuss] Uncompleted polyselect phase 1

paul zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at inria.fr
Wed Jun 3 13:38:45 CEST 2015


> Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2015 13:24:55 +0200
> From: Christophe Clavier <christophe.clavier at unilim.fr>
> Hello,
> During the first phase of the polynomial selection, 3 out of 100 range 
> have been given to clients that unfortunately happened to be killed.
> Consequently, at the end of this phase the server is waiting for results 
> from these clients and I would prefer not to wait for the timeout to elapse.
> Is there any means to restart the server so that it can give these 
> ranges to some new clients, or alternatively so that it starts the 
> second phase with the priority queue in its current state ?
> Regards
> Christophe

the following should do it:

$ wudb.py -dbfile cxxx.db -cancel <wuname>

You can get the names of the 3 remaining work-units as follows (see README
in scripts/cadofactor):

$ wudb.py -dbfile cxxx.db -dump -assigned

Please confirm it works,

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