[Cado-nfs-discuss] Linear Algebra with MPI

Alex Liao alexliao at seas.upenn.edu
Mon Jun 22 18:44:36 CEST 2015

Hi everyone,

I am having similar issues with this. When running

/home/alexliao/cado-nfs/build/linalg/bwc/bwc.pl :complete -v 'mpi=2x2'
'thr=2' 'm=128' 'n=128' 'nullspace=left'
'hosts=,,,' 'shuffled_product=1'

I get the following error in the dispatch step:

Inconsistency -- exactly 4 == 2 * 2 MPI jobs are needed -- got 1

​Any insight would be much appreciated. I'm using the version of CADO
pulled from the git repo and compiled using "MPI=/home/alexliao/.openmpi"
(OpenMPI 1.8.6)
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