[Cado-nfs-discuss] Program fails immediately after entering merging

Wang Qianzhou wangqianzhou at outlook.com
Mon Feb 26 19:14:47 CET 2018


I am trying to factorize a 172-digit number. However, immediately after entering the merging stage, program fails. I have no idea about what to do at the moment. It looks like a  "-maxlevel 40" was given but max level should be less than 32. May I ask for any suggestion to modify the code or otherwise?

Error Info attached below,

Error:Filtering - Merging: Program run on server failed with exit code 1
Error:Filtering - Merging: Command line was: /home/ubuntu/cado-nfs/build/ip-172-31-6-213/filter/merge -mat /tmp/cado.jtfg_n5g/c170.purged.gz -out /tmp/cado.jtfg_n5g/c170.history.gz -maxlevel 40 -keep 160 -skip 32 -target_density 170.0 -t 72 > /tmp/cado.jtfg_n5g/c170.merge.stdout.1 2> /tmp/cado.jtfg_n5g/c170.merge.stderr.1
Error:Filtering - Merging: Stderr output follows (stored in file /tmp/cado.jtfg_n5g/c170.merge.stderr.1):
b'# Warning: parameter verbose_flags is checked by this program but is undocumented.\nError: maxlevel should be positive and less than 32\nUsage: /home/ubuntu/cado-nfs/build/ip-172-31-6-213/filter/merge <parameters>\nThe available parameters are the following:\n    -mat       input purged file\n    -out       output history file\n    -keep      excess to keep (default 160)\n    -skip      number of heavy columns to bury (default 32)\n    -maxlevel  maximum number of rows in a merge (default 10)\n    -target_density stop when the average row density exceeds this value (default 170.0)\n    -resume    resume from history file\n    -mkztype   controls how the weight of a merge is approximated (default 1)\n    -wmstmax   controls until when a mst is used with -mkztype 2 (default 7)\n    -forbidden-cols list of columns that cannot be used for merges\n    -force-posix-threads (switch)\n    -path_antebuffer path to antebuffer program\n    -v         verbose level\n    -t         number of threads\n'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./cado-nfs.py", line 122, in <module>
    factors = factorjob.run()
  File "./scripts/cadofactor/cadotask.py", line 5459, in run
    last_status, last_task = self.run_next_task()
  File "./scripts/cadofactor/cadotask.py", line 5534, in run_next_task
    return [task.run(), task.title]
  File "./scripts/cadofactor/cadotask.py", line 3911, in run
    raise Exception("Program failed")
Exception: Program failed

Yours sincerely,
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