[Cado-nfs-discuss] multithreaded merge

paul zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at inria.fr
Thu Jan 4 09:25:28 CET 2018

       Dear Guy,

> I've tried running opal-test/optimize.sh but its really slow, its running las
> blackbox on just one process. the NUM_THREADS controls the number of threads
> of 'las' but I would like to keep it not more than 4 threads. 

it is maybe slow, but still faster than sieving. Part of the improvement in
the timings on http://cado-nfs.gforge.inria.fr/ is due to optimize.sh.

> I've tried to change it to nomad.mpi and set the mpi parameters, but that did
> not spawn any more las processes (only multiple nomad.mpi processes)
> Any idea how to speed up this optimization to utilize all of the processors?

we were not aware that we could run nomad in parallel. If you are interested
in collaborating on this, please contact me off-list.

Paul Zimmermann

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