[Cado-nfs-discuss] Alterations to default param files for NFS

Mike Curtis vbcurtis at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 07:50:37 CET 2018

I have done a large set of test factorizations from 100 to 125 digits, and
wish to make my own param files every 3 digits rather than every 5.  Does
CADO expect a params.c105 specifically, or can I change to params.c103,
params.c106, etc?  That is, will CADO locate the param file of nearest
size, or is every-5-digits how it's meant to stay?

Also, I have tested a set of parameter refinements that seem to improve
substantially (Say, 15-25% less time to complete GNFS) upon the default
param files included in 2.3.0; some weird choices are made by default, such
as using I=13 in c95 but I=11 in c100. Should I send these possible
improvements to the c105 through c120 default files to someone in
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