[Cado-nfs-discuss] [error] caused by a larger special-q

Pierrick Gaudry pierrick.gaudry at loria.fr
Mon Jul 23 08:15:09 CEST 2018

Yes, you can add the -allow-largesq option. But this is probably a better
idea to modify your parameters in order to avoid this : a larger lpb
should be better in terms of efficiency.

By the way, running cado-nfs as root is not a good idea...


On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 08:25:05AM +0700, canny georgina wrote:
> Hi, I've found one more trouble faced during lattice sieving. I've done it
> on c110 and it works fine until 96.8 % until it shows error like this:
> lient localhost
> Info:HTTP server: Sending workunit c110_sieving_67120000-67130000
> to client localhost
> Info:Lattice Sieving: Adding workunit c110_sieving_67210000-67220000 to
> database
> Info:Lattice Sieving: Adding workunit c110_sieving_67220000-67230000 to
> database
> Info:Lattice Sieving: Found 497 relations in
> '/tmp/cado.5tpo3b5l/c110.upload/c110.67090000-67100000.60wlf51j.gz', total
> is now 4380971/4528085
> Info:Lattice Sieving: Marking workunit c110_sieving_67090000-67100000 as ok
> (96.8% => ETA Sat Jul 21 07:45:48 2018)
> Error:Lattice Sieving: Program run on localhost failed with exit code 1
> Error:Lattice Sieving: Stderr output follows (stored in file
> /tmp/cado.5tpo3b5l/c110.upload/c110_sieving_67110000-67120000.gtwetumb.stderr0):
> b'ERROR: The special q (27 bits) is larger than the large prime bound on
> side 1 (26 bits).\n       You can disable this check with the
> -allow-largesq argument,\n       It is for instance useful for the
> descent.\n'
> the command that I run is like this:
> root at ubuntu:/home/chunnie/Desktop/Math3/cado-nfs# ./cado-nfs.py
> 35794234179725868774991807832568455403003778024228226193532908190484670252364677411513516111204504060317568667
> tasks.polyselect.import=c110_nonlinear.poly tasks.sieve.I=13
> does this error imply that i got to add   -allow-largesq to the end of the
> command?
> Thank you

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