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Pierrick Gaudry pierrick.gaudry at loria.fr
Mon Mar 12 08:02:21 CET 2018


In the parameter files you'll find the lower end of the list of special-q
used for each size. For instance, for a 120-digit number, looking in
you'll see
  tasks.sieve.qmin = 1000000

If this parameter is not given, then the default is to use the value of
lim1 as qmin.

For the upper end (that we could call qmax), it is not found in the
parameter files, because cado-nfs will run the sieve until enough
relations have been found to produce a matrix. There is no simple way to
deduce it, apart from running some sieving on a few special-q and try to
estimate the number of relations a given upper bound would yield.


On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 07:44:13AM +0100, sara hendrix wrote:
>    Thank you for your response
>    I don't want to change or manage anything of las. I have write simple
>    program that running las on GPU. I want to know special-q range for
>    running my program. For example in "Factorisation of RSA-704 with
>    CADO-NFS" you have written "Due to the sub-optimal sieving parameters,
>    we had to sieve over a large range of special-q, namely from 500M to
>    10000M". I want to know special-q range exactly same as you have
>    written in your paper.
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>    Hi,
>    A bit more context would help. What do you want to do that you don't
>    manage to do with the qlist option of las ?
>    Pierrick
>    On Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 12:14:03PM +0100, sara hendrix wrote:
>    > Hello
>    >
>    > How i can find qlist (special-q) in CADO-NFS 2.3.0?
>    >
>    > Thanks
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