[Cado-nfs-discuss] return code -6 , exit code -6

paul zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at inria.fr
Wed Feb 20 21:56:28 CET 2019

       Dear Eric,

> I use cado-nfs-2.3.0 for factoring c120 to c160 numbers.
> It has always been working fine for about 30 numbers so far.


> This is the first time I get an error. [...]
> Any other idea to understand what's going on?

it seems the file dup1.0.0000.gz is corrupted. You can try to rebuild it
as follows:

1) look in /tmp/cado.qnpox55b for a file named c140.dup1.stdout.1.
   Copy and execute the first line from this file (after # (2acb184f4)).
   This should create again the file dup1.0.0000.gz. You can then check it is
   valid with gzip -t.
2) restart the factorization with:
   cado-nfs.py /tmp/cado.qnpox55b/c140.parameters_snapshot.0

If this does not work, please tell us.

Paul Zimmermann

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