[Cado-nfs-discuss] Help starting out using two machines

Emmanuel Thomé Emmanuel.Thome at inria.fr
Mon Mar 9 09:42:05 CET 2020

On Sun, Mar 08, 2020 at 08:46:11PM -0400, David Willmore wrote:
> When built from git and run on the example from the make file, I run
> into a problem:
> [willmore at blade1 cado-nfs]$ ./cado-nfs.py
> 90377629292003121684002147101760858109247336549001090677693
> Info:HTTP server: serving at https://blade1:38715 (
> And there it sits.  Nothing is running.  There are ten instances of
> cado_nfs_client.py on the machine in a sleep state--clearly waiting
> for something on their network sockets. Hmm, okay, it's not using port
> 8001 for some reason.  I wonder if the firewall is that strict. .....
> Yes, yes it is.  It's blocking the seemingly random port that the
> script now picks.  Updating the firewall after the script runs isn't
> enough.  Is there a way to tell the script to stop picking random
> ports?

./cado-nfs.py 90377629292003121684002147101760858109247336549001090677693 server.port=8001

And then if you want to take care of running the clients by yourself, run
the server with

./cado-nfs.py 90377629292003121684002147101760858109247336549001090677693 server.port=8001 --server

As per ./scripts/cadofactor/README.md , if you supply a parameter file,
there's no default behaviour that starts clients. E.g. this is equivalent
to the former:

./cado-nfs.py 90377629292003121684002147101760858109247336549001090677693 server.port=8001 ./parameters/factor/params.c60



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