[Cado-nfs-discuss] Help starting out using two machines

Emmanuel Thomé Emmanuel.Thome at inria.fr
Mon Mar 9 19:02:55 CET 2020

* fixed (f3980c47) the weird spaces that sneaked into your command lines.
  The regexp used for splitting into words was silly...

* fixed (283a5fab) a bug when the client was run via python3. A recent
  commit from last week forgot the bytes-string encode/decode thing.

Please run the server as:

    ./cado-nfs.py 90377629292003121684002147101760858109247336549001090677693 server.port=8001 server.whitelist=

And run the clients independently.

I can't reproduce your deprecation warning. Seems that urrlib is an
external component of python, or at least an external distro package in
debian. I have py3.7.6 as you do. What version of urllib do you have ?


On Mon, Mar 09, 2020 at 12:36:59PM -0400, David Willmore wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 12:24 PM Emmanuel Thomé <Emmanuel.Thome at inria.fr> wrote:
> > I'll try to reproduce this. At least the warning could/should be fixed,
> > but I think that it should be harmless. After all, it's only a warning
> > (my guess is that python --version is a python3.x on your machine. While
> > cado-nfs-client _should_ cope equally with python2 and python3, since its
> > shebang says python only, we don't test it that often with python3).
> >
> > I'm skeptical about the link between the warning and the 404 that you
> > get. Do you have a precise summary of what you did, including the server
> > output ?
> Certainly:
> [willmore at blade2 cado-nfs]$ ./cado-nfs.py
> 90377629292003121684002147101760858109247336549001090677693
> server.port=8001
> Info:root: Using default parameter file ./parameters/factor/params.c60
> Info:root: No database exists yet
> Info:root: Created temporary directory /tmp/cado.s50u6ij6
> Info:Database: Opened connection to database /tmp/cado.s50u6ij6/c60.db
> Info:root: Set tasks.linalg.bwc.threads=12 based on detected physical cores
> Info:root: Set tasks.threads=24 based on detected logical cpus
> Info:root: tasks.threads = 24 [via tasks.threads]
> Info:root: tasks.polyselect.threads = 2 [via tasks.polyselect.threads]
> Info:root: tasks.sieve.las.threads = 2 [via tasks.sieve.las.threads]
> Info:root: tasks.linalg.bwc.threads = 12 [via tasks.linalg.bwc.threads]
> Info:root: tasks.sqrt.threads = 8 [via tasks.sqrt.threads]
> Info:root: slaves.scriptpath is /home/willmore/factoring/cado-nfs
> Info:root: Command line parameters: ./cado-nfs.py
> 90377629292003121684002147101760858109247336549001090677693
> server.port=8001
> Info:root: If this computation gets interrupted, it can be resumed
> with ./cado-nfs.py /tmp/cado.s50u6ij6/c60.parameters_snapshot.0
> Info:Server Launcher: Adding blade2 to whitelist to allow clients on
> localhost to connect
> Info:HTTP server: Using non-threaded HTTPS server
> Info:HTTP server: Using whitelist: localhost,blade2
> Info:Lattice Sieving: param rels_wanted is 0
> Info:Complete Factorization / Discrete logarithm: Factoring
> 90377629292003121684002147101760858109247336549001090677693
> Info:HTTP server: serving at https://blade2:8001 (
> Info:HTTP server: For debugging purposes, the URL above can be
> accessed if the server.only_registered=False parameter is added
> Info:HTTP server: You can start additional cado-nfs-client.py scripts
> with parameters: --server=https://blade2:8001
> --certsha1=64130df41a375e16c4328bb73148689fb1f8dc89
> Info:HTTP server: If you want to start additional clients, remember to
> add their hosts to server.whitelist
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost+2 on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost+3 on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost+4 on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost+5 on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost+6 on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost+7 on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost+8 on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost+9 on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost+10 on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost+11 on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Starting client id localhost+12 on host localhost
> Info:Client Launcher: Running clients: localhost (Host localhost, PID
> 33162), localhost+2 (Host localhost, PID 33164), localhost+3 (Host
> localhost, PID 33166), localhost+4 (Host localhost, PID 33168),
> localhost+5 (Host localhost, PID 33170), localhost+6 (Host localhost,
> PID 33172), localhost+7 (Host localhost, PID 33174), localhost+8 (Host
> localhost, PID 33176), localhost+9 (Host localhost, PID 33178),
> localhost+10 (Host localhost, PID 33180), localhost+11 (Host
> localhost, PID 33182), localhost+12 (Host localhost, PID 33184)
> Info:Polynomial Selection (size optimized): Starting
> Info:Polynomial Selection (size optimized): 0 polynomials in queue
> from previous run
> Info:Polynomial Selection (size optimized): Adding workunit
> c60_polyselect1_0-5000 to database
> Info:Polynomial Selection (size optimized): Adding workunit
> c60_polyselect1_5000-10000 to database
> Info:HTTP server: Sending workunit c60_polyselect1_0-5000 to
> client localhost
> Info:HTTP server: Sending workunit
> c60_polyselect1_5000-10000 to client localhost+2
> It will sit there.  If I launch a client:
> [willmore at blade2 cado-nfs]$ ./cado-nfs-client.py
> --server=https://blade2:8001
> --certsha1=64130df41a375e16c4328bb73148689fb1f8dc89
> INFO:root:Starting client blade2.2f8ac9ac
> INFO:root:Python version is 3.7.6
> INFO:root:Using work-around <class
> '__main__.Version3FixedBytesGenerator'> for buggy BytesGenerator
> INFO:root:Downloading certificate from blade2:8001
> INFO:root:Certificate SHA1 hash matches
> INFO:root:Writing certificate to file
> download/server.64130df41a375e16c4328bb73148689fb1f8dc89.pem
> INFO:root:Implicitly setting --externdl to use https fallbacks
> INFO:root:spin=0 is_wu=True blog=0
> INFO:root:Downloading
> https://blade2:8001/cgi-bin/getwu?clientid=blade2.2f8ac9ac to
> download/WU.blade2.2f8ac9ac586663916 (cafile =
> download/server.64130df41a375e16c4328bb73148689fb1f8dc89.pem)
> ./cado-nfs-client.py:724: DeprecationWarning: cafile, capath and
> cadefault are deprecated, use a custom context instead.
>   return urllib_request.urlopen(request, cafile=cafile)
> ERROR:root:Download failed, URL error: HTTP Error 404: No work available
> ERROR:root:Waiting 10.0 seconds before retrying
> And it will sit there waiting and retrying every ten seconds.
> Thank you!
> Cheers,
> David

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