[Cado-nfs-discuss] Help starting out using two machines

David Willmore davidwillmore at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 19:23:34 CET 2020

On Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 2:03 PM Emmanuel Thomé <Emmanuel.Thome at inria.fr> wrote:
> * fixed (f3980c47) the weird spaces that sneaked into your command lines.
>   The regexp used for splitting into words was silly...
> * fixed (283a5fab) a bug when the client was run via python3. A recent
>   commit from last week forgot the bytes-string encode/decode thing.
> Please run the server as:
>     ./cado-nfs.py 90377629292003121684002147101760858109247336549001090677693 server.port=8001 server.whitelist=
> And run the clients independently.

Pulling and building....

Okay, that works.

> I can't reproduce your deprecation warning. Seems that urrlib is an
> external component of python, or at least an external distro package in
> debian. I have py3.7.6 as you do. What version of urllib do you have ?

OS reports version 1.25.7-1.fc31

I've gotten two machines to work together on this.  I'll need to do a
lot more tuning to get it working more optimally, but at least I have
two machines worth of clients running at once.

Thank you Emmanuel.


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