[Cryptominisat-devel] This morning's test results

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Sam 15 Jan 15:09:01 CET 2011

Hello Mate and Robert,

if it help, i have "fixed" ready, also download this morning. Please send me 
the CNF and i give it a try !

Best regards,


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Dear Robert,

On 01/15/2011 01:47 PM, Robert Aston wrote:
>  This morning I downloaded  "master" "fixed", "extra" and
> "agilityBasedRestart" versions of cryptominisat and tested them against
> the CNF file I sent to you a couple of days ago.  Here are the results.
> Master generated correct results
> Fixed can not find a solution
> Extra can not find a solution
> AgilityBasedRestart generated correct results

I have tested the sudoku.sat file you have sent me, and "fixed" has
found a solution for me... strange. I have tested it with 10'000
different seeds, but no luck.

If I am understanding the problem right, the solver for cluster129-fixed
and cluster129-extra gives "UNSAT" as a result, right? Let's focus on
cluster129-fixed. I would like to ask you to:

1) check that you are using latest from
which has a GIT ID: "5005d6d.." (you can see this at the webpage, it's
at the top: "Friday January 14 2011 Mate Soos committed 5005d6d")

2) Tell me your kernel version. Type "uname -a" in terminal, and send me
the output.

3) Tell me your OS version. E.g. "SuSE 11.2"

4) Give me full output of the solver from launch to finish, so that I
know what options you gave and what output it produced.

5) If possible, the executable "cryptominisat" would be awesome to have.
Just ZIP it and send it over. It doesn't contain any private data, only
(indirectly) indicates your GCC version.

I am sorry to be so picky, but I have tried this on both 64-bit machines
and 32-bit machines, plus I am installing a virtual machine with older
kernel right now, but I can't seem to reproduce this problem :( If you
tell me the OS, etc. I will install a virtual machine to reproduce your
environment and then I will be able to do testing on such a machine not
only right now but in the future as well.

Thank you in advance,


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