[Cryptominisat-devel] CryptoMiniSAT on GPUs

Stanislav Bulygin Stanislav.Bulygin at cased.de
Lun 31 Jan 20:46:38 CET 2011

    Hi Mate,
    Recently I had this thought that it may be an interesting idea to 
try to implement a SAT solver on GPUs. I did some quick search and 
indeed there seem to exist certain proposals in this area, although I'm 
not sure how mature they are. What do you think of such a possibility? 
Were (or are) you thinking of implementing CryptMiniSAT on GPUs? Can one 
expect to obtain a decent speed-up here?

         Sincerely, Stas.

P.S. Any news on those PRINTCipher examples I sent to you? :)

Dr. Stanislav Bulygin

Research area "Secure Data"
Part project "Cryptographic Primitives"
Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt

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