[Dose-devel] mimicing sbuild build dependency mangling

Johannes Schauer josch at debian.org
Jeu 30 Avr 22:51:25 CEST 2015


dose3 is used by wanna-build to check for installability of the build
dependencies before attempting to build a source package on buildds running
sbuild. Sometimes the situation happens that dose3 says that the build
dependencies can be satisfied, then a buildd will use sbuild to build the
package but apt will say that it cannot install the dependencies. The package
then enters an infinite loop because dose3 continues to insist that the build
dependencies are installable.

One reason for dose3 and apt disagreeing on the installability of the build
dependencies of a given source package is that sbuild mangles the build
dependencies of the source packages it builds before handing them to apt.
Specifically it removes all alternatives after the first if they have a
different name from the first alternative.

So in a situation where a source package build depends on "a | b" and "a" is
not installable but "b" is, dose3 will claim that the build dependencies are
satisfied while apt will only see "a" after sbuild mangled the build dependency
and fail.

The commit in the branch user/josch/buildd_build_dependencies adds a new option
to buildcheck called --dropalternatives which emulates sbuild behaviour. Just
like sbuild, alternatives are dropped *after* architecture and profile
restrictions have been resolved.

cheers, josch
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