[Easycrypt-club] How to use local variable in a lemma

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Hello Sarah,

You cannot use local variable x in the statement of a lemma: at the points where the precondition and postcondition are interpreted (semantically), the variable does not exist in memory.

Going slightly further, although EasyCrypt lets you define G as you did, it should have warned that x was used before being defined. This will be problematic for a lot of proofs (in particular anything that involves probabilities will likely be very hard to prove—probabilistic and non-deterministic behaviours do not mix).

So you have two options moving forward:
1) Make x a parameter to procedure G.g (and your statement will then mean what you want);
2) Make x a global variable of module G (and you then need to replace x with G.x in your theorem statement).

That being said, I do not want to necessarily close the discussion on interpreting pure hoare specifications for non-deterministic procedures: if you feel you really need this, please do try and convince us (mostly Pierre-Yves and Benjamin).


From: sarah chabane
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Subject: [Easycrypt-club] How to use local variable in a lemma

I need to use a local variable of a procedure in a lemma, 

for example , for this module : 

module G = {
 proc g() : int ={
  var r, x : int;
  if (x < 0) {
   r = 5; } else {
   r = 10;
  return r;

I want to proof this lemma: 

lemma ex : forall v, 
 hoare [ G.g : v = x ==> if v < 0  then  res = 5 else res <> 5 ].

How can i use the x of the proc G.g ? 

Best regards.

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