[Ecm-dev] Licensing woes

George Woltman woltman at alum.mit.edu
Mar 10 Mai 00:54:24 CEST 2005

At 04:20 PM 5/9/2005, George Woltman wrote:
>>>1)  Do the incompatible libs thing if it is to everyone's liking,
>>>2)  I'll create a GPL library with FFT sizes up to 1024K.  Those
>>>  needing=20 larger FFT sizes, can link in a non-GPL version for
>>>their personal use.
>>>I vote for 2).

I may have spoken too soon.  The gwnum library uses two other non-GPL 
One is a quad-double package from Yoza Hida.  The other is Crandall's 
giantint package.

There is a GPL double-double package from Keith Briggs that might work (I 
tried it
first but ran into some troubles - it may have been user error or a fixable 
Crandall's giants stuff would be hard to replace.   I could ask him if he 
cares if I
release a modified giants code base with a GPL license slapped on it.

Is it allowable under the GPL for GMP-ECM to optionally exec a non-GPL program
and use its result?  If so, GMP-ECM could still be distributed under the 
GPL and I
could produce a non-GPL dwt-ecm-stage-1 program.


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