[Ecm-dev] Licensing woes

George Woltman woltman at alum.mit.edu
Mar 10 Mai 20:26:16 CEST 2005

At 06:14 AM 5/10/2005, Paul Zimmermann wrote:

>Which functionalities of those two packages do you need/use?
>Is efficiency critical?
>Did you try MPFR (www.mpfr.org) to replace the quad-double package?
>For giantint, doesn't GMP provide the same functionality? Both MPFR
>and GMP are LGPL.

I only use a few functions.  Sin, cos, exp, modular inverse, gcd.  Speed is not
very important as it all happens at setup.

Those libraries might work but have a high integration cost - especially since
GMP won't work in an MSVC environment - which is what I use.  I also cannot 
use them
in prime95, since prime95 has those silly prize rules.  Creating "virtually 
free" software
shouldn't be this hard!

I've asked Dr. Crandall if I can ship the modified giants under the 
GPL.  Since he
gives the code away for free anyway, I'm hopeful we'll get a positive 
response.  I'll
keep you posted.


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