[Ecm-dev] Proposal from George. Literally.

Alexander Kruppa alexander.kruppa at mytum.de
Mer 11 Mai 16:51:30 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 11 May 2005 16:26, you wrote:
> I've hacked at the code and am ready to start integrating it with
> GMP-ECM.  I won't
> have time to work on it today, but tomorrow I'll download mingw and see if
> I can get
> the two to link together.


> A few minor issues came up.
> 1)  In case of user interrupt, I want to return both x and z to write to a
> save file.
> Normalizing the coordinate, especially during system shutdown, could take
> too long
> for large numbers.

The GMP-ECM save file format has no provision for storing the z-coordinate, so 
we need the point normalized no matter what... if an user interrupts a ECM 
run with on a huge number, I'm afraid he'll have to accept that saving can 
take a few seconds. Then again I don't expect GMP-ECM will be used much for 
huge numbers anyways due to the excessive memory use in the FFT stage 2 - 
those numbers are better done with Prime95/mprime's enhanced standard stage 


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