[Ecm-discuss] Issues with ecm-6.1.1.

Laurent Fousse laurent at komite.net
Jeu 20 Juil 10:17:05 CEST 2006


I uploaded the newest release to debian, and was faced with the
following problems:

1) ecm fails to build on s390. The problem is undefined types in
longlong.h. As Torbjorn explained privately:

    DItype should be defined to a suitable type before longlong.h is
    included, as documented in the beginning of longlong.h.  For an
    example, see gmp-impl.h.

The log of the build failure is at:


2) ecm fails to build on hppa. The log of the build failure is at:


I don't know what's causing this problem ("not enough primes in
interval") on this architecture.

3) Missing copyright lines and licensing information in most new files
(assembly files mostly).

I have a probable fix for (1), no idea for (2), and I'll let those who
added the files do the job for (3) :-)


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