[Ecm-discuss] Building GMP-ECM on MacOS Leopard

Alexander Kruppa kruppa at in.tum.de
Ven 11 Juil 16:55:10 CEST 2008

Paul Leyland wrote:
> I've recently gained access to a MacOS 10.5 (Leopard) system but can't
> seem to build ecm-6.2.1
> First step was to install the dev tools; all went well.
> Second was to download the GMP 4.2.2 tarball.  Again, all went well. 
> Each of configure, make and make check ran completely without error.
> Final step was to download the ECM 6.2.1 tarball.  No matter what I've
> tried so far, I can't get configure to work.   Run it without arguments
> and it complains about GMP not being available --- as expected because I
> didn't "make install" for GMP.
> Sundry attempts to specify the with-gmp arguments all fail.   This
> snippet is typical:
> mollie:ecm-6.2.1 paul$ ./configure --with-gmp-build=../gmp-4.2.2  --with-gmp-lib=../gmp-4.2.2  --with-gmp-include=../gmp-4.2.2
> [...]
> I've now run out of ideas.  Any advice?
> Paul

Which directories are the gmp.h and the libgmp.a files in? In my GMP 
build dir, gmp.h is in the build dir, libgmp.a is in .libs/. If yours is 
the same, using either only "--with-gmp-build=../gmp-4.2.2" should work, 
or "--with-gmp-lib=../gmp-4.2.2/.libs  --with-gmp-include=../gmp-4.2.2" 
(which is exactly what --with-gmp-build does internally).


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