[Ecm-discuss] GMP-ECM 7 release candidate

paul zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at inria.fr
Mar 8 Mar 17:55:33 CET 2016

       Dear users of GMP-ECM,

we fixed a few issues with the first release candidate, here is a second one:


If no big issue comes out, this should become the final 7.0 release.
Please check it on your computer, since once GMP-ECM 7 will be out,
we won't provide any support for GMP-ECM 6 any more.

In particular:

* please check you don't get any timing regression with respect to 6.4.4
  with and without -param 0 (with uses the same default parametrization than
  GMP-ECM 6.4.4).
* please check you get similar timings before and after the tuning phase
  described in README (How to get the best of GMP-ECM?). If the timings
  are significantly better after tuning, please send the result of
  ecm -printconfig and the new params.h file on this list.


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