[Ecm-discuss] Need assist with an ECM-GMP program.

Georg-Johann Lay avr at gjlay.de
Ven 20 Mar 15:32:32 CET 2020

Am 20.03.20 um 14:19 schrieb paul zimmermann:
>         Dear Georg-Johann,
> it appears that ep->sigma, which is initially 0 (un-initialized) is set
> by ecm_factor, and then if the first call fails, since now ep->sigma is
> non-zero, it is taken as the sigma value, and it fails again and again.
> With mpz_set_ui (ep->sigma, 0) after the ecm_factor() call it works better,
> but there still seems to be a problem.
> Paul

Tried that, but it did not help.

What helps though is to use a fresh ecm_params for each ecm_factor call.

It this supposed to be the case?  I did not find a documentation of
ecm_init() / ecm_clear() and used them similar to respective mpz_*
functions, i.e. init once at start of program and clear at the end.

Appeared to be reasonable as they are using malloc / free...

One more question:

I am getting return values > 0 from ecm_factor() where is sets the 1st
operand to 1.  Of course 1 is technically a factor of the input, but
I expected return value > 0 to mean "nontrivial factor", no?

There is

#define ECM_FACTOR_FOUND_P(x) ((x) > 0)

in ecm.h so "FACTOR" includes the trivial ones?


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