[Frama-c-discuss] Release Frama-C Boron

Julien Signoles Julien.Signoles at cea.fr
Tue Apr 13 15:03:17 CEST 2010

Dear Frama-C users,

The Frama-C team is proud to announce a new Frama-C release, namely 


You can download it at http://frama-c.com/download.html.

For now, there is a source tar-ball distribution without the Jessie 
plug-in. Windows and Mac OS X auto-installers will be released as soon 
as possible. The Jessie plug-in will be released independently.


Compared with Beryllium, some dependencies of the GUI change:
- LablGtk >= 2.14 (was LablGtk >= 2.12)
- GtkSourceView 2 (was GtkSourceView 1)
- GnomeCanvas 2.x (was mandatory only for the GUI of few plug-ins)

Furthermore the required OcamlGraph version is >= 1.4 (was >= 1.3) but 
the tar-ball provides a compatible one.


Among several bug fixes, the major improvements are about:
- better ACSL coverage
- the Value Analysis plug-in (mainly better ACSL and float supports)
- a bunch of new features in the GUI
- a preliminary C standard library
- a faster -load option
- better error reporting

The detailed list of major changes is available at


Enjoy this release and do not hesitate to report any issue and/or
success with this version through the usual channels.

Best regards,
for the Frama-C team,
Julien Signoles

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