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Fri Feb 4 17:15:41 CET 2011


we have successfully set up knem kernel module on an E5620 intel xeon with
X5520 chipset with kernel We have installed open MPI v1.5 configured to support knem and have the ioatdma kernel module running.

Module                  Size  Used by
knem                   25699  0
ioatdma                38645  0
dca                     4273  1 ioatdma

Nevertheless there is the following output of cat /dev/knem AFTER having run knem_loopback and knem_pingpong as well as some of our mpi application on this machine:

knem 0.9.5
 Driver ABI=0xd
 Flags: forcing 0x0, ignoring 0x0
 DMAEngine: KernelSupported Enabled NoChannelAvailable
 Debug: NotBuilt
 Requests Submitted          : 12240
 Requests Processed/DMA      : 0
 Requests Processed/Thread   : 0
 Requests Processed/PinLocal : 0
 Requests Failed/NoMemory    : 0
 Requests Failed/ReadCmd     : 0
 Requests Failed/FindRegion  : 0
 Requests Failed/Pin         : 0
 Requests Failed/MemcpyToUser: 0
 Requests Failed/MemcpyPinned: 0
 Requests Failed/DMACopy     : 0
 Dmacpy Cleanup Timeout      : 0

So it seems no requests have been processed. 
What could be the problem here and why does it state "NoChannelAvailable"? 


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