[knem-devel] "unexisting region cookie" error

bin Wang bighead521 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 21:47:51 CEST 2011

hello All,

I'm trying to utilize knem in MPI.
When there is only two processes, knem was working properly.
when # of processes is 3, the code is not working properly all the time.
when # of processes goes beyond 3, there will be at least one process
that will crash without calling the finalize. 

I don't know why it's not working properly for me.
Below is the information of knem module. 

$ cat /dev/knem 
knem 0.9.6
 Driver ABI=0xd
 Flags: forcing 0x0, ignoring 0x0
 DMAEngine: KernelSupported Enabled NoChannelAvailable
 Debug: NotBuilt
 Requests submitted                           : 68
 Requests processed (total)                   : 50
          processed (using DMA)               : 0
          processed (offloaded to thread)     : 0
          processed (with pinned local pages) : 0
 Requests rejected (invalid flags)            : 0
          rejected (not enough memory)        : 0
          rejected (invalid ioctl argument)   : 0
          rejected (unexisting region cookie) : 19
          rejected (failed to pin local pages): 0
 Requests failed during memcpy from/to user   : 0
          failed during DMA copy              : 0
 DMA copy cleanup timeout                     : 0

Can anyone help me out?

Wang Bin
Bighead actually means big stomach and huge brain, 
and Bighead will definitely be a big name in the coming future.

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