[knem-devel] how to write INT value with KNEM "atomically"

valentin valentin.petrov at itseez.com
Mon Sep 26 10:17:55 CEST 2011

Hello All,
i'm trying to use KNEM to perform a one-sided put operation. A process A 
puts an integer value to Process B. Process B waits actively while the 
int value at the appropriate address is changed and uses this value 
after that. My problem is that KNEM writes data by bytes (as far as i 
see it now). So the Process B continues to work (leaves active wait) 
once the first byte in the int variable is changed, despite the fact 
that the whole new value has not been entirely written  yet. So, is 
there some way to enable KNEM to perform such kind of task, i.e. to 
write data corresponding to the predefined types (like INT) "atomically"?
I would greatly appreciate any help!

BR, Valentin Petrov

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