[knem-devel] Can't modprobe KNEM

Juan A. Cordero Varelaq bioinformatica-ibis at us.es
Fri Jan 20 13:45:52 CET 2017


I have inherited an SGE cluster with Mellanox OFED software installed:

  *   /opt/knem-1.1.90mlnx2
  * /opt/mellanox/mxm
  * /opt/mellanox/fca

After having installed OpenMPI-2.0.1 I've got lots of warnings related 
to KNEM. Then, from the OMPI mailing list, I've been told I should first 
load the knem module, since /dev/knem does not exist yet. However, when 
I runmodprobe knem (with root user), I get the following:

    FATAL: Error inserting knem
    (/lib/modules/3.13.0-37-generic/updates/dkms/knem.ko): Invalid
    module format

After reading the knem documentation, I've tried:


and got:

    Installing module...
       Installing module /lib/modules/3.13.0-37-generic/extra//knem.ko...
    cp: cannot stat
    `/opt/knem-1.1.90mlnx2/lib/modules/3.13.0-37-generic/knem.ko': No
    such file or directory

I would appreciate a lot any hint on this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance

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