[Matryoshka-devel] Big Proof talks

Blanchette, J.C. j.c.blanchette at vu.nl
Fri Jul 28 15:51:39 CEST 2017

Hi all,

The Big Proof program at the Newton Institute at Cambridge is nearing to a close. Talks, including videos, are available online:


I unfortunately missed Tim Gowers's talk today, but the video should appear online soon. The title and abstract suggest that it is highly related to the heuristics part of Matryoshka.

"How do human mathematicians avoid big searches?

I shall try to explain why I believe that computers will probably surpass humans at finding proofs within a small number of decades. The main content of the talk will be a close analysis of a few example problems of varying difficulty for humans, focusing on what humans do in order to reduce the size of the search space. Thus, it will be in the spirit of Polya, but with the ultimate goal of educating computers rather than humans."



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