[Mpc-discuss] GNU MPC 1.0 release candidate (with modified mod_34lsub1.asm from gmp)

Denis Excoffier cygwin at Denis-Excoffier.org
Sun Jul 22 02:28:50 CEST 2012


Even better news, thanks to Torbjörn Granlund, the bug in gmp is now corrected (see

The modified 'mod_34lsub1.asm' can be found directly in

I rebuilt mpfr (all tests passed) and mpc-1.0.0rc1, with all tests passed:

With powerpc-apple-darwin9.8.0:
GMP: include 5.0.5, lib 5.0.5
MPFR: include 3.1.1, lib 3.1.1
MPC: include 1.0.0rc1, lib 1.0.0rc1
C compiler: gcc 
GCC: yes 
GCC version: 4.7.1
PASS: tget_version
All 64 tests passed


Denis Excoffier. 

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