[Paradiseo-help] Re: ParadisEO --> help needed on ex1 lesson1

mattia tomasoni mattiatomasoni at yahoo.it
Jeu 20 Mar 09:52:01 CET 2008

I thank mr Legrand for his e-mail. 
Still, the link I was given 
points to the tutorials and my problem was just that I couldn't get exercise one of lesson one to work; in detail: 
_I create my own mytest.cpp file modifying FirstBitGa.cpp in the directory /paradiseo-1.1/paradiseo-eo/tutorial/Lesson1.
_I go to /paradiseo-1.1/paradiseo-eo/build/tutorial/Lesson1 and call make getting the following output

[ 46%] Built target eoutils
[ 70%] Built target ga
[ 90%] Built target eo
[ 93%] Built target FirstBitGA
[ 96%] Built target FirstRealGA
[100%] Built target exercise1.3

No mytest.out!
Can you explain me in (greater) detail what I have to do to compile mytest.cpp (where do I pute the file, in which sub-dir do I need to be when I call make etc.)
I believe the tutorials are outdated: they probably refer to some older version of Paradiseo when no automatic compiling of Lessons' examples was available!
Thank you very much!

Mattia Tomasoni

legrand thomas <thomas.legrand at lifl.fr> ha scritto:mattia tomasoni a écrit :
> Hallo Mr Legrand,
> my name is Mattia Tomasoni, italin student in Informatics.
> I am using and enjoying very much Paradiseo and wanted to thank you 
> and everybody that worked on that project.
> Unluckily, thou, I am experiencing a problem with the archives of the 
> mailing list:  I wanted to view the answer to the following thread.
> http://lists.gforge.inria.fr/pipermail/paradiseo-help/20070322/000004.html
> (You wrote the answer to that question, and that's why I am contacting 
> you!)
> Clicking on "Message suivant" to see the solution I read:
> Salut,
> J'ai envoyé une réponse au mail de support de Allani Abderrahim.
> A+,
> Thomas
> How can I have access to the support mail mentioned above?
> I am not just asking that question again on the mailinglist because it 
> has been asket twice already... Just I don't seem to be able to figure 
> out how to access the answer!
> Je vous remercie d'advance pour votre aide.
> Kind Regards,
> Mattia
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Dear Mattia,

Some of the emails archived for the paradiseo-help list do not appear on 
the website. The answers may have been sent directly to the user.

If you plan to build your own application using ParadisEO, there a page 
especially designed for it :


If you need further information or help, feel free to write us at 
paradiseo-help at lists.gforge.inria.fr and we'll try to find a solution.

Best regards,
ParadisEO Team

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