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Jean-Charles Boisson Jean-Charles.Boisson at lifl.fr
Mer 30 Avr 08:46:41 CEST 2008

Dear Sir,

    First, thanks to have downloaded ParadisEO.

    Two solutions exist to your problem:

   1. the "install" target has not be launched in Visual Studio. This 
target copies the bench directory into the right location that can only 
be done after compiling the platform.

   2. Maybe the hill_climbing has right... the directory does not exist 
:-) . The path to the example instance can be different on your machine 
because we use a relative path. The instances are in 
path_to_paradiseo/paradiseo-mo/build/tutorial/examples/tsp/benchs (after 
making the target install) so you need to specify the relative path to 
this directory. For example, if the hill_climbing.exe is in 
"path_to_paradiseo/paradiseo-mo/build/tutorial/Lesson2", the relative 
path to the Berlin52 instance is ../examples/tsp/benchs/berlin52.tsp. 
You need to adapt the path to the current location of the file 
To do easily, edit the file "param", remove the '#' at the beginning of 
the line defining the relative path to the wanted instance and modify 
this line. Then type "hill_climbing @param " and I think it will work.

You can also specify the relative path on the command line by typing :
hill_climbing --instancePath=path_to_my_instance.tsp

Good luck and let us know if your problem is solved.

ParadisEO team

> Dear sirs,
> This Kamran Fatahi, a metaheuristics researcher. I was trying to 
> implement Paradiseo in win XP OS. I did the 3 steps in 
> http://paradiseo.gforge.inria.fr/index.php?n=Paradiseo.ParadiseoWithWindows 
> page at bottom of the page for  Use ParadisEO with Windows, but 
> unfortunately I can not test the hill_climbing module. I opened a 
> ms dos window using cmd.exe; then went to related directory (as 
> said in webpage) but I type "hill_climbing.exe" or 
> "hill_climbing.exe  hill_climbing.exe 
> ..\..\examples\tsp\benchs\berlin52.tsp" , I get this message:" 
> Loading [..\..\examples\tsp\benchs\berlin32.tsp]" and also in next 
> line "..\..\examples\tsp\benchs\ berlin32.tsp does not exist!" . 
> Furthermore I tried this command :" hill_climbing @param" then it 
> prompts attached message.
> Would you please help me what to do?
> Regards,
> Kamran Fatahi,
> Visiting Scholar,
> Center for Applied Optimization,
> Dep. of Industrial & Systems Engineering
> University of Florida
> -------------
> Kamran Fatahi,
> Visiting Scholar,
> Center for Applied Optimization,
> Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering,
> University of Florida
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