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FATAHI GAKIEH,KAMRAN k.fatahi at ufl.edu
Mer 30 Avr 21:13:14 CEST 2008

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your reply. I finally could run the lessons 1-4. the 
problems was the location of .exe file for each one. They with two 
other associated files(current_param and 
simulated_annealing.idb)were in folder "Release" and when I copied 
these files to an upper level i.e. Lesson2 for example, it worked. 
I could change the param file and see the results for different 
problems. all of these actions were happened in MS Dos prompt 
window. I continued to pursue the tutorial 
for HC, but I couldn't find where should I type those commands for 
instantiating the moHC (like "Route route")? in MS Dos window? 
Kamran Fatahi

On Wed Apr 30 02:46:41 EDT 2008, Jean-Charles Boisson 
<Jean-Charles.Boisson at lifl.fr> wrote:

> Dear Sir,
>     First, thanks to have downloaded ParadisEO.
>     Two solutions exist to your problem:
>    1. the "install" target has not be launched in Visual Studio. 
> This target copies the bench directory into the right location 
> that can only be done after compiling the platform.
>    2. Maybe the hill_climbing has right... the directory does not 
> exist :-) . The path to the example instance can be different on 
> your machine because we use a relative path. The instances are in 
> path_to_paradiseo/paradiseo-mo/build/tutorial/examples/tsp/benchs 
> (after making the target install) so you need to specify the 
> relative path to this directory. For example, if the 
> hill_climbing.exe is in 
> "path_to_paradiseo/paradiseo-mo/build/tutorial/Lesson2", the 
> relative path to the Berlin52 instance is 
> ../examples/tsp/benchs/berlin52.tsp. You need to adapt the path 
> to the current location of the file hill_climbing.exe
> To do easily, edit the file "param", remove the '#' at the 
> beginning of the line defining the relative path to the wanted 
> instance and modify this line. Then type "hill_climbing @param " 
> and I think it will work.
> You can also specify the relative path on the command line by 
> typing :
> hill_climbing --instancePath=path_to_my_instance.tsp
> Good luck and let us know if your problem is solved.
> Regards,
> ParadisEO team
>> Dear sirs,
>> This Kamran Fatahi, a metaheuristics researcher. I was trying to 
>> implement Paradiseo in win XP OS. I did the 3 steps in 
>> http://paradiseo.gforge.inria.fr/index.php?n=Paradiseo.ParadiseoWithWindows 
>> page at bottom of the page for  Use ParadisEO with Windows, but 
>> unfortunately I can not test the hill_climbing module. I opened 
>> a ms dos window using cmd.exe; then went to related directory 
>> (as said in webpage) but I type "hill_climbing.exe" or 
>> "hill_climbing.exe  hill_climbing.exe 
>> ..\..\examples\tsp\benchs\berlin52.tsp" , I get this message:" 
>> Loading [..\..\examples\tsp\benchs\berlin32.tsp]" and also in 
>> next line "..\..\examples\tsp\benchs\ berlin32.tsp does not 
>> exist!" . Furthermore I tried this command :" hill_climbing 
>> @param" then it prompts attached message.
>> Would you please help me what to do?
>> Regards,
>> Kamran Fatahi,
>> Visiting Scholar,
>> Center for Applied Optimization,
>> Dep. of Industrial & Systems Engineering
>> University of Florida
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>> Kamran Fatahi,
>> Visiting Scholar,
>> Center for Applied Optimization,
>> Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering,
>> University of Florida
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Kamran Fatahi,
Visiting Scholar,
Center for Applied Optimization,
Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering,
University of Florida

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