[Paradiseo-help] Installation problem on Debian Linux

James Vera jamesvera at gmail.com
Ven 13 Juin 06:31:18 CEST 2008

I'm trying to install Paradiseo 1.1 on Debian Linux and have so far
encountered two problems

1) The installer requires autoconf, it would be helpful to have listed
that on page

2) After installing autoconf and trying again, my installatin failed

> 	# STEP 12  
> 		--> Installing Paradiseo-PEO. Please wait ...
> 		--> Error when installing Paradiseo-PEO
>  ### END ###  
>   An error has occured : impossible to install Paradiseo-PEO.See /home/vera/paradiseo-1.1/logs/install-paradiseo.20080612210055.log for more details
>   Make sure you have the required variables in your environment (ex: by using "echo $PATH" for PATH variable) : 
> 	-LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<libxml2 install path>/libxml2/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> 	-PATH=<libxml2 install path>/libxml2/bin:<mpich2 install path>/mpich2/bin:$PATH
>  => To report any problem or for help, please contact paradiseo-help at lists.gforge.inria.fr and join /home/vera/paradiseo-1.1/logs/install-paradiseo.20080612210055.log
> Terminated

I've attached the log file.  I'll keep looking at it, but if you happen
to see the problem please let me know.


James Vera

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