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Anton Matiyenko amatiyenko at gmail.com
Mer 11 Fév 17:41:41 CET 2009

thanks! i've just tried out Ubuntu already and it's pretty good.

thank again for advice!

2009/2/11 paradiseo-help <paradiseo-help at lists.gforge.inria.fr>

> Hello, I never try an OpenSuze, we use essentially Ubuntu or Fedora to work
> on ParadisEO.
> You must install g++ and cmake before installing ParadisEO on Unix system.
> A windows version also exist if you want. Cmake and Visual Studio 9 C++
> must be installed on Windows before.
> You can try more informations on the Paradiseo Web Site.
>  It's recommanded to have some knowledge on Object Oriented Programming.
> (Not necesserly C++).
> If you started on C++, I recommanded you to learn some importants notions
> of C++ which are often used in ParadisEO. This notions are:  "Template", and
> "overlaod of operator()" .
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