[Paradiseo-help] PSO: range of values for each particle

mustapha khouadjia khouadjia at gmail.com
Mar 10 Mar 17:19:00 CET 2009


For the moment, you can only define a range for the whole of PSO population.
To set an range for each particle, you should associate a generator (to
instantiate from  eoUniformGenerator <T>) for each particle with the limits
Xmin and Xmax that you must define before.  Thereafter, the generator must
be included during the creation of the population.

Mostepha Redouane Khouadjia

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I'm starting using the ParadiseEO library. I was wondering if it is possible
to set a range of possible values to each particle instead of the same range
for all variables as stated in Lesson6.


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