[Paradiseo-help] moRandMove / moItRandNextMove

Benoit Laurent blaurent at perinfo.com
Jeu 19 Mar 17:15:39 CET 2009

I don't unsterdand very well the ideas underlying moRandMove and 
moItRandNextMove. For example, it seems strange to me that moRandMove's 
operator() leaves _solution aside.
In my case, I need the information provided by _solution to generate a 
valid move. I see two solutions:
1) Add a field _solution in moRandMove (cleanest solution ?).
2) Put all the code for generating a move in moItRandNextMove. In this 
case, moRandMove is definitely useless.
Is there an example of code using objects of these classes ?
BenoƮt Laurent

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