[Paradiseo-help] question about eoPopulator

Maria Sondrine mariasondrine at yahoo.fr
Sam 4 Avr 14:53:00 CEST 2009

I 'm sorry for the disturb, but I really need the help.
I m working with Paradiseo eo for the implementation of my evolutionary
algorithm. My problem is the following: I want to create for each
parent of the population a number n (n >= the number of parents) of offspring that is n identical copies of the parent. For that I choose to use the eoGenOp to create
my variation. but my problem is with the eoPopulator.

	* So must I define
two populations one for parent and one for the offspring like this: voidapply () eoPopulator <GenotypeT>&plop (eoPop<EOT>& _parent, eoPop<EOT>& _offspring)   ?
or just use the eoPopulator to accede to the population of offsring?

	* on the eoPopulator.h the population of offspring is it by default empty or contains the population of parents?
	* can I don't use two population and add the clones to the end of the population parent ?
please help me, I really need your great help.

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