[Paradiseo-help] Trying to use ParadisEO-PEO

Clément Perrod clement.perrod at gmail.com
Mar 14 Avr 12:37:47 CEST 2009


I am trying to use ParadisEO-PEO with the CVRP-TW contribution and I have
some questions. I hope this mailing list is a good place to ask them.

The CVRPTW contribution works fine with Solomon and Homberger instances. I
wanted to apply the "Lesson 3: parallel evaluation" on it.
When I heard "Parallel evaluation" I thought: assuming a 200 size population
and a MPI launched with 2 processes, each process has to
assess 100 individuals.

Even if the evaluation step is not very time consuming on the CVRPTW problem
(at least with Solomon instance) I thought there will be some improvement
but the global process time for 100 generations is longer with parallel

So my first question would be: did I misunderstand something? Are my results
normal considering the time consuming of CVRPTW evaluation?
Maybe I did some bad move following the lesson 3. I specify that I did
lesson 1 and 2 before and they work fine.

As I am speaking of lesson 1 and 2, I understand the use of "GetNodeRank()"
to retrieve the result of each node. But I would like to launch the
algorithm n times and display only the best result. Is there any way to do

Thanks to consider my questions,


ps: sorry for the first mail on paradiseo-user I didn't notice there
were two mailing lists.

Clément Perrod
EPITA 2009

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