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Ivan Hernandez ivihernandez at gmail.com
Dim 19 Avr 19:26:11 CEST 2009

Hi, I am using the example Sch1.cpp and I have two questions:

   1. I modified the example and my representation of the chromosome is now
   multidimensional. I edited two lines of code:

      Sch1() : moeoRealVector < Sch1ObjectiveVector> (chrom_size); // in the
definition of the Sch1 class
     eoRealVectorBounds bounds (chrom_size, 0.0, 1.0);    // in the
generation of the population
    Now I have a multidimensional representation where each component is a
real value, what else should I modify in order to use a binary
representation? I tried to modify the init declaration unsuccessfully using
   eoBooleanGenerator gen;
   eoInitFixedLength <Sch1> init (chrom_size,gen);
   eoPop < Sch1 > pop (100, init);
and the Sch1 declaration using:
class Sch1 : public moeoBitVector < Sch1ObjectiveVector>
     2. How do I plot the pareto frontier using the output arch?

Best Regards!
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