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Roman Potarusov potarusov.roman at gmail.com
Ven 26 Juin 15:43:21 CEST 2009

Dear ParadisEO developpers
 My name is Roman Potarusov. I am a beginner in ParadisEO and I use it
to implement a dynamic genetic algorithm for Dynamic Vehicle Routing
Problem with Time Windows. I started with the "mySimpleApplication"
package under Visual Studio 2008, made all the steps, you proposed. It
worked correctly. Then I tryed to add some code, linked with ParadisEO
objects. And the linker produced a lot of link errors. I tryed to fix
them, but I haven't been succeeded.
 Could you help me, please, to fix the linker's errors? May be, I have
to change just a little my CMakeLists.txt file?
 In attached file there is "mySimpleApplication" project, which has
been changed a little, following my objective. In "build" folder you
will find all the files, needed for Visual Studio 2008.

 Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Roman Potarusov
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