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Mar 22 Sep 11:20:40 CEST 2009

Bugs item #8577, was opened at 22/09/2009 09:10
Status: Open
>Priority: 1
Submitted By: Caner Candan (candan_c)
>Assigned to: Jérémie Humeau (jhumeau)
Summary: Bad behavior description in moeoDominanceDepthFitnessAssignment.h 
Category: None
Group: 1.2.*
>Resolution: Fixed

Initial Comment:
In the following path:

You can find the exception code below:

throw std::runtime_error("Problem with the number of objectives in moeoNonDominatedSortingFitnessAssignment");

As you have done a lot of updates regarding the class names and code structures in the new version of ParadisEO (I mean 1.2.1), I think that the object name "moeoNonDominatedSortingFitnessAssignment" is either wrong or obsolete and should be replaced by "moeoDominanceDepthFitnessAssignment".


>Comment By: Jérémie Humeau (jhumeau)
Date: 22/09/2009 09:20

Yes, you are right.
I replace the error message. It will be correct in the futur version of ParadisEO.



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